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How can a question be closed and edited at the same time?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 29th, 2014

If one clicks on a question, and when you get in there, it says the question is being edited, but after you scroll down, it says the discussion is closed. How can it be unavailable due to editing if it is closed? If it is closed why it is still up, why not just make it evaporate? To me, logic says a closed question cannot be edited.

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I’ve wondered about that too but then my logic told me it was closed to new answers while it was being edited.

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Yeah I’m guessing it means that it’s temporarily closed.

Either that or it’s some programming thing that’s never been updated with the rest of Fluther’s evolution. (meaning how editing rules changed and whatnot, perhaps the notifications were never updated in accordance to whatever changes were made, IF any were ever made)

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^^ I might believe that too if it were a new question, but if it is one from some time back, even months, I would think the editing would be done by now. Logic again would tell me if the question says “being edited” there is no activity, so the reason you are told it is being edited let you know you can’t post to it until the edits are done.

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Well yeah, a question will remain under ’‘being edited’’ if the jelly has never edited it, and has not clicked the ’‘abandon question’’ option. I think…

I offered the changes suggestion because it could be a possiiblity, thing is I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been any changes to this for a while. Not sure it would be a big event if there had been, too. Maybe it would have been mentioned in the blog, although at this point I think the blog is pretty dead.

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Once a question is pushed back to the OP for editing, it is closed for editing. It will stay that way until it is either abandoned or reposted. Some questions stay that way for a long time because the OPs just leave them there rather than doing anything with them.

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^ No one ever thought to have an expiration date on the question; no further activity in X amount of days, weeks, etc. the question just evaporates, purged from the server?

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Apparently not.

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A door that is closed can usually be opened again. I remember having the same response the first time I noticed this on a question sent for editing. Now I just think of it as, “This discussion is closed while this question is being edited.”

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@dappled_leaves “This discussion is closed while this question is being edited.”
But if the question never is edited, then it surely is not actually closed by way of edit; that is, if it is in fact was actually abandoned. There should be a way to determine if a question has in deed been abandoned and remove it, especially if it has been in editing more than 6 weeks for instance.

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@Hypocrisy_Central – As noted, the founders did not put expiration dates on questions that have been kicked-back for editing. Were active development taking place on the site, perhaps they would consider it, or maybe they had reasons not to. Regardless, they’ve left us the place to use as-is. Perhaps when you create the perfect Q&A site that you envision in your mind, you will impose such limitations.

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^ Perhaps when you create the perfect Q&A site that you envision in your mind, you will impose such limitations.
Working on it, that an other great features as well ;-)

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