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What would your better, or near perfect, Q&A site look like if you created it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 29th, 2014

If you created a Q&A site what features would you have, what rules would there be, what elements would you pass over or would never be used? What would the basic goal or target group be? Would it have moderators, or be self-moderated?

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I would share the profits with content generators.

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It would look like this.

You can click around in this place to get a feel for what the rules would be like.

And here would be a team of volunteer moderators.

This part would be vital, especially the line prohibiting trolls.

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Kweshtian KoldrinWe put a spell on you

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I am ok with the one I have now.

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Fair Moderation. (moderators who are not kids, but actual adults)
No cursing
Even amount of Liberals/Conservatives
No piling on if members have a different opinion than the majority
No baiting questions!
No Trolls
Banning members who go over the line

You know what? from what I have noticed a site like that will never happen. I’ve given up trying to find it.

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I am with the others who like this site. The only change that I would like, and it is a pretty small one, would be to be able to edit your question provided nobody has responded to it.

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Needs picture posting

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A site where self appointed spokespersons don’t exist, they take these sites way too seriously.
Thinking too much about users & meaningless crap, bringing it on themselves to fix perceived failings in how things are run, passive agressive bullshit merchants.
STFU, it’s a Q&A site, supposed to be fun/informative & free from fucked up, deluded, egotistical wannabes…now that would be ideal.

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@Hawaii_Jake Wow, would not that be a total waste of time, to spend the time creating something that already exist in the exact same way the existing one is. To do the same thing getting the same result, they have a name for that. If you want a better mouse trap, and you build the same mouse trap, then you did not do anything but waste time and resources to have the same mousetrap you have now. I can’t see any logic in that. Just a logical observation.

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