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Missing router password; best or quickest solution? HELP !

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) April 29th, 2014 from iPhone

My landlord signed up for a new AT&T Internet plan giving double the speed.

Tech was here yesterday. Obviously replaced router with one able to handle the new capacity.

Now I can’t get on to WIFI. His computer is hard wired connected and he claims that he can’t find his password.

So, I’m assuming that either the AT&T tech or the company that made the router have a method for resetting to default enabling to choose a new password. Is this correct? What’s the easiest way to accomplish that.

I’m not really even sure that he changed from the default or if his computer had the password stored in memory and automatically applied it to the new installation.

I’ve tried obvious stuff like tech1234 or admin1234 or password or administrator but nothing obvious like that worked.

So what’s next? Any advice gratefully received.

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Hold the reset button in for more than 10 seconds. Connect directly to it and enter into the browser. You can set it up again now…

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Somewhere on the back of the router there is a small recessed button. Get a straightened-out paperclip to stick in it and push the button. That will reset the router to use be completely open. Your landlord can then use his computer to reset a new password.

I hope this helps.

Or do what @ARE_you_kidding_me suggests.

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You said to connect directly to it. How? Is this something he can do on his computer or what?

I’m having trouble picturing the logistics of this. Sorry to be so dense :)

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Knowing who made your router might make it easier to find the default passwords. Or not – mine came with a random pre-set password.

I’ve never been in a situation where my landlord controlled the router. This would worry me for security reasons. Is there a way you can get him to remove the router and install your own? Then, you would certainly never have to worry about this happening again.

Connecting directly = with an ethernet cable.

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My router has the password on a sticker (from manufacturer) on the bottom.

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connect directly with an ethernet cable to one of the ports on the back. The Uverse routers usually come with a 4 port hub.

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UPDATE: thanks and lurve to all who took the time to answer.

It turns out its a firmware issue. Earlier today, I tried the new password on my 4 yr. old iPhone 3G and it connected flawlessly.

So after numerous wasted hours on the phone with supervisors at both Apple and AT&T, we are scheduled to get a different gateway installed.

Of course, all of this could have been avoided had the original install tech thoroughly done his job instead of skating out of here as soon as he possibly could, blithely telling Bill (landlord) “well if you can connect, she shouldn’t have any problem.”

Yeah. Right ~~

Odds are he had the other model gateway in his truck and could easily have swapped it out on the spot.

I really hate AT&T.

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I’m glad you got it sorted out, but I’m still concerned about your privacy, with your landlord in charge of your wireless network. Stay safe.

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I appreciate your concern but I don’t really have any deep dark secrets to worry about.

And I never have any of my banking info online ever. My bank tried to talk me into online banking options but with all the weirdo hackers out there, I just do it the old fashioned way. And when I need to deposit more money onto my one vulnerable debit card, they have 24/7 phone service so I just have no real need to do any online banking.

Truth be told I’m far more concerned about some anonymous hacker over in East Gibbip than I ever am Bill.

About six months ago I had to change my Gmail password because they sent me a notice that they detected fraudulent attempts on my email account from somewhere in the Ukraine or wherever. Annoying.

And when one thinks about it, he’s as vulnerable as I since we are sharing the same wifi connection. Its just not that big a concern for me. He is a trustworthy person.

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