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Are you able to get the sign in page of Gmail right now?

Asked by flo (10481points) April 29th, 2014

I can only get it if I google search and click on the
Sign in – Google Accounts
But I’m not signing in anyway.
What happens if you click on the Gmail tab in Google homepage?
The message I get is something like “security of the site is…. problem..”

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No problems here.

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There was a Google scam imposter a while back – I’ll look for info.

Found it –

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Is it a reference to the web certificate? Do you have Windows XP or an older version? Sometimes I get that on my older laptop. I just ignore it and proceed.

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Thanks all.
What is the givaway that the Gmail sign in page in the link @hearkat posted is fake?

The computer I was using is on XP @dappled_leaves

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@flo If you are having the same problem that I was having with XP, I solved it by switching to Firefox as my browser on that computer (installing the latest version). Internet Explorer is becoming very, very difficult to use on XP. Eventually, I expect Firefox to be as bad, but for now it is working fine.

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@dappled_leaves I guess so too bad~.

By the way can you tell me what the givaway is (in my last post)?

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@flo No, sorry – I’ve never heard of or encountered the scam that @hearkat mentioned.

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