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New birth control is making me fat. Need an alternative.

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5663points) April 29th, 2014

After my cervix rejected my second beloved copper IUD, I finally faced reality and admitted that even though I loved the thing, it just wasn’t for me. Disappointed, I decided to give the Nexplanon a shot since, like the IUD, it’s highly effective and doesn’t depend on me taking a pill.

Three months in and I’m starting to notice the weight gain. I wasn’t skinny when I started but this has tipped me into the territory whereI start to feel FAT.

This makes me nervous because I had a terrible experience with hormonal BC as a teenager where I gained 20–30 lbs and was legitimately overweight for over a year. I don’t want that to happen and want to stop this before it becomes a problem.

Has anyone had success with a birth control that hasn’t made them gain weight? I do want children some day so it can’t be anything permanent.

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Vasectomy for him. Not kidding.

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I had the best success with the Mirena IUD. The pill, sponge, diaphragm with gel, foams, etc. all had unpleasant side effects for me. Shots and implants were pretty new when this was a concern for me. NuvaRing or whatever it’s called wasn’t even on the market yet when I got my IUD; but I’ve heard good things about it – have you tried that one?

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Men can get chemical stints temporary implanted in the scrotum. Entirely reversible. I sorry that I don’t have a link…

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I use NuvaRing. The only problems are it can fall out during intercourse. Just check the sheets or whatever when you are done. After the device is placed I think it takes three days to be effective and after that you can have it out for hours or even a day and still be safe. I believe it takes 3 days for the horomones to leave the body, also of you have a problem with it you can remove it yourself. I can’t remember the numbers exactly. I’m not looking at the packaging. I just put the date of removal in my phone calender with a notification as well as the date of placing the new one.

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The morning after pill. It’s controversial in the U.S.

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Oh, just kidding. I’ve been pulling out for several years, no problems!

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A female condom wight work. They are pricy but effective.

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I 2nd @dappled_leaves


Cut down on your caloric intake! ;D

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I took the pill for years three different times and it never affected my weight. I took Ortho Novum 1+50 most of the time. A steady dose of hormone. At one point I took triphasal so supposedly I would get less hormones and it was horrid. I was crazy on that pill. They like to prescribe what I call weird pills now and I recommend if you want to give the pill another try, try one of the old fashioned ones. It still might not work well for you, but I think it’s worth a try.

I don’t like the shots or anything similar where you have some huge dose in you that lasts for months. With the pill if you hate it you can stop. I personally wouldn’t stop mid month, but you can even do that if you want to.

I’m not a doctor, obviously you would need to discuss it with one. Also, not doctor will start you on 1+50 to start, they will start you lower if they try that drug like 1+35, maybe there is a lower one. Still, it is a same hormone every day, normal 21 day dose.

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Something about the phrase “pull out” makes me want to pull my hair out. Can’t stand that shit…

I’ve been on birth control pills since I was 16 and it’s never affected my weight. Right now I’m taking Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo, or Tri-Previfem, or Tri-Sprintec. They’re all the same thing, norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol. I did try Yasmin when I just started on birth control and it caused facial hair growth – the doctor was baffled by this, switched me, and it went away. When I go off birth control, I get crazy symptoms, but the worst is acne – and not just on my face. It comes up on my back and shoulders, which is never a problem on the pill. Sucks. Yaz caused breast pain, even worse than I already have it. I’m sticking to the Tri-Previfem, thanks. Still, no weight issues with any of them.

I’m not really sure why birth control sometimes leads to weight gain, and I’m not sure there’s any scientific evidence that it does, but a lot of people swear they pack on those pesky LBs on certain pills.

We use birth control AND condoms. No babies for this girl until I say so. Luckily I have a man that is totally for using condoms and doesn’t try to talk me out of it. “Oh, honey, I can’t wear those – they make me soft.” Oh, what a big macho man you are. Ugh…and don’t even get me started on “they’re too small/tight.” My husband once put a normal-sized condom (not a Magnum) over his entire fist and forearm. So, go somewhere else with that noise.

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@livelaughlove21 I think for some for some teens birth control also starts when drinking alcohol starts and when athletics are dropped, and if people start taking it in college, the freshman 15 happens to a lot of girls whether they are taking BC pills or not. So I have my doubts about the weight gain myself. Even if a woman starts them because now she is in a serious steady relationship there are statistics for weight gain for that too. I guess it is also possible the hormones affect some women and cause weight gain. Just like some get breast discomfort and some don’t.

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@livelaughlove21 Thanks for pointing out the “pulling out” crap… Tons of reasons why this sucks as a bc method….

Though I amazed you can stand the condom usage with your husband. To each their own..I guess…

Good observation @JLeslie

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@Unbroken I’ve never had unprotected sex, so I don’t know any different. He has, though, and still prefers to use it as a back up birth control method. I’m sometimes pretty bad about remembering to take my pill, so we aren’t going to chance it. Not sure why I shouldn’t be able to “stand” it, though. I can’t really feel it on my end. Trojan Thintensity conforms are my preference – thin, no stupid ridges, and minimal latex smell. They’re pretty cheap and it’s no big deal to slip it on before sex. No semen dripping out of my vagina is also something I consider a plus. Yep, pro-condom chick right here. Until we want babies, anyway.

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@livelaughlove21 I never was a pill girl but I’ve always had a bc method, never thought secondary protection was necessary unless it wasn’t a committed, monogamous relationship. My protection…

I don’t like it because well I am a semen girl. I like feeling him ejaculate sometimes it triggers my own.

It’s just muffled the force of it… Is beneath a condom plus condoms throw off my ph, I am sensitive to latex not quite allergic, but prolonged use causes problems. One of the reasons I hate causal hooking up.

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