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What kind of bathtub/shower grips do you use?

Asked by wildpotato (14903points) April 29th, 2014

And how often do you change them out for new grips?

If you currently have a tub or shower that came with a rough grippy surface, what did you use on your previous slippy surfaces, or what grips do you prefer when you encounter them outside your home?

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I never use these. I grew up in the 70s, when everyone had these on their tubs, and the whole idea of them freaks me out a little. The tub itself is an easy surface to clean; any non-grip surface is not. I see the grips as little oases of bacterial and fungal growth. If I encounter them outside my home, I step gingerly between them to ensure that my feet will stay clean.

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I used bath mats when my son was young, and they’ll last a while if you’re sure to pull them up hand hand them to dry every time. Now we don’t use anything, as we currently can keep our balance and have good tactile sensation in our feet still.

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I have a turquoise blue bubblely bathmat…not quite ready for the old lady sit dwn chair. lol

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Hopefully the rock hard biceps of the guy in there with me.

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I use heavy duty grips rated at 250 lbs. Use the one outside the shower as a towel rack, I do.

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I don’t use any with the tub I have now. In the past I have used the rubber bath mats and just made sure to keep them clean.
I too grew up in the 70s with those flower stickers. They annoyed me because they would rip off in little pieces and plug the drain.

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I do have a teak folding stool from when my feet were really bad when my Rheumatoid Auto-Immune Disease was first being diagnosed. There were times that I could barely stand – it was horrible. Disability isn’t always related to age, and people shouldn’t feel stigmatized by use extra assistance if it makes life more manageable. Fortunately, my medications are doing a decent job managing my pain, so lately the stool only gets used as a side shelf for tea and my tablet if I want to take a bath.

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Just the non-slip surface on the tub itself.

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Thanks to a bum knee, I’ve taken a few nasty falls in the past, so I try not to take chances. I have two professionally installed grab bars on adjacent sides of my shower and a very stable rubber mat.

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