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Who do/did you find more attractive, people at your age or older people?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14770points) April 30th, 2014

When I was young, I had a strange attraction for teachers. I loved to get near them, ask them about everything, or simply admired them. I generally found people at my age dull and and adults attractive. I was often the only one who had a close relationship with teachers.

To this day I still prefer older people. While most of my classmates avoid teachers, I come near them. Many are baffled by this choice. Some say I’m “crazy”, “know no social cue” “lose the fear nerve”... but hell, how can you resist something you really like?

How about you? Who do you find more attractive?

Side question: is it indicate something wrong in my head?

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If something is wrong in your head then we have the same problem. I had the biggest crush on my statistics professor. And she was way older. I was 24 and she was probably in her 50’s (I was never stupid enough to ask). So very sexy.

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Both! The people my age are the older people ;-)

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Both. The ability to be attractive doesn’t stop at 30, or 40, or 50. I’m 24 and married to a guy that’s 24, but here are some other guys I find attractive:

Gerard Butler (44 years old)
Gale Harold (44 years old)
Hugh Laurie (55 years old)
Jeremy Wade (58 years old)

Men age wonderfully, in general. Women, not so much. I’ve never had a crush on a teacher, but most of the celebrities I find attractive are quite a bit older than I am. Zac Efron is hot, yes, but I’ll take Gale Harold over him any day. The things I’d do to that guy…

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When I was younger I disliked immaturity a lot. Now that I’m older I want some youth. Most people my age act old. That’s no fun, screw it I’m still a kid at heart. :)

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@Adirondackwannabe Maybe when I grow up I’ll be like you :D

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@Mimishu1995 The secret is grow up when you’re young, then refuse to grow up when you’re older.

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@Mimishu1995 you are obviously gifted and more intelligent that most teenagers. Attraction to people more on your own level is natural for everyone. I’m not attracted to people i can’t connect with and consequently that wipes out most under the age of 30. Nearing middle age is a great time if it does not work out with someone they may have a mother or daughter in your dating range of say +/- 10 years.

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Natalie Portman is 33, which is much younger than my age.

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When I was a teen I was attracted to those older than me..but not by a lot, around 5 years.
After I got divorced at 30, I tended to be attracted to those younger than me by 4–10 years.
My partner is 9 years younger than me.

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I had incredible crushes on certain teachers and professors as well. One of them was in his late 50s when I was in my early 20s— I found their relaxed self-assurance and real intelligence to be extremely attractive, and a stark contrast to others who were still in their bravado and competition stage. I have to say there were older men still in that stage, so it’s about the individual as well. I’d take a dinner with Patrick Stewart or Sean Connery over Channing Tatum. Substance over style.

I don’t enjoy being around people, of any age, that are more invested in image and dogma than substance.

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I’m with @picante – the people my age are the older people

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I like anyone, of any age, that has a good personality, is humorous, playful and not overly serious and grumpy.

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Younger and up to my age, maybe a couple of years older.

to be fair, much older and we would be talking necrophilia.

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I am also in the category where people my age are older people. I’m 65, and my friends tend to be younger than I am, although I have a dear friend who just celebrated his 91st birthday.

When I was 27, I almost had to make a choice between dating an 18 year old girl, or her 36 year old mother.

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I have to add that I have been attracted to guys who are in the forties but younger than that is strictly for looking at.

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I think I mentioned in an earlier thread that when we were in our mid thirties, a friend pointed out that the older you get, the more attractive women there are. What he said was that not only were the college co-eds good looking but so were their mothers. At the time I thought this was a very astute observation.

With age comes wisdom and I see that even as I age it still rings true; the older I get, the more there are.

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I am only interested in 2D people.

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^^^you should love it here then

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Older, always older.

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I said 2D, not 1D

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At this point in my life, if they’re older than I am – they’re ancient!!!

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I have been attracted to guys who are in the forties

@janbb: You don’t say.

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@cookieman Just want to take a bite out of them for some reason.

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I just turned 21 and I’ve always had a thing for older men. All the guys I’ve dated were all at least 4–5 years older than me. I’m just not attracted to guys my age.

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Generally, I seem to be attractive to men who are on average 10 years older than me. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit old fashioned…who knows? Even when I was a teenager, I wanted to hang out with the older, more mature kids more.

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OLder usually, though physically perfect & happy youth are attrractive, too.

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Typically around my age (32), but I can run anywhere from 20–50 or so.

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When you’re young, everybody is older :p

I’m at the age where it becomes obvious who has taken care of themselves and who hasn’t, so mostly younger.

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I’m not fussy, I find gems in all age groups. The only nice thing about the same age group is peer sharing. That part is cool.

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@Adirondackwannabe That’s the wisest thing I’ve heard all day!

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In many cultures youth cluster around older people, especially the very old. Those are the ones who have the years of knowledge to pass down. I have always enjoyed being around older people, BUT, when it comes to romance, I like mine younger, and bursting with ambition.

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Attracted to people my age.
But gravitate socially to people who are younger or older.

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I’ve always been more attracted to older people. I’m 27 years old now and I can’t think of the last time I was attracted to someone my own age and certainly never younger. There is a nearly 20 year age gap in my current relationship and that’s ideal for me.

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People much younger than me. I’m 27 (and feel super old), but the women I tend to be attracted to are between 20–21 or so, up to 32. And if they’re my age or older, they have to act younger. Normal 30 year olds are so boring, with their marriages and second children on the way and their mortgages and such. Not being young anymore sucks.

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older, hah! Like a year or so.

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