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My computer beeps when certain events happen. Why?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) July 12th, 2007

It's not a beep from the speakers, it's a beep from the actual computer. (sounds like the old DOS beeps)

This beep occurs when I change the volume (it is NOT the sound that shows you how loud the volume is) and when anything in the system tray pops up. (network notification, gmail notification..)

Why does this happen and what can I do about it?
[running windows XP pro, on a dell optiplex 740]

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what you do could do is disable all windows sound and see what happens

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well It's not a windows "sound". My speakers are turned off. It's a sound coming from the machine.

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on the volume manager under advanced (you might have to use options or settings to make it show the "pc speaker" option) ... set that to mute ... then, the onboard speaker on your computer motherboard should stop beeping (except maybe when you first turn on the computer)

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That looks like a good solution, but my advanced options is greyed out. hmm

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Fix your dear computer the Russian way, make the head of a cold steel hammer come in contact with the chasis.

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In Soviet Russia, you hammer computers!

OK, now on to serious business ;-)

Perhaps you don't have administrator rights? I know how to turn it off in Ubuntu, but that's not going to help you :P

Btw, is it that big of a problem? I find it useful as it notifies me of important events.

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Have you tried looking in the BIOS for a speaker setting? Perhaps you can turn it of at the motherboard level.

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yeah I have admin rights...I't's not a big deal but it bothers me. I like to work in silence lol.

In soviet Russia, you don't hammer computers, computers hammer you.

And I didn't think to check in bios, kept assuming it was something I could hit from the windows side. I'll try that tomorrow.

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Well, there's also the simple but effective solution to simply open the computer and disconnect the speaker...

I don't have one, and i don't miss it.

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