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Which musical instruments makes the best/worst sound, in your opinion?

Asked by ucme (50037points) May 1st, 2014

When played as they should be, professionally.
I love the sound that comes out of a piano & wish I could play.
I can’t stand the din that emits from bagpipes, strangled cat.

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I like all kinds of instruments, as long as they make a good piece of music.

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I love the piano in this.
I like bagpipes at a funeral.

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Ugh. Although I’ve never met someone who played the recorder professionally, I can’t imagine anyone making that plastic crap sound good.

A stellar banjo player is top notch, in my book.

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I like brass, horns. I’m not overly fond of violins unless they are really blended.

But I love fiddle playing. lol

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Best: piano and trumpet
Worst: violin, unless played spectacularly.

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My favorite: Tenor Saxophone

The worst: a Jews Harp , which I guess is now called a Jaw Harp.

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Hey, I’ve just remembered something: can the vuvuzela count as an instrument?

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Best: French horn.
Worst: accordion.

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@Mimishu1995 Those kind of grew on me at the World Cup.
@GloPro Listen to the lyrics in the second verse. ucme is a major football fanatic.

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The violin fits the bill – pure and sweet when played correctly and MY EARS MY EARS when played badly

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Harp and cello top my list.

The sound of a Hammond B3 usually turns me right off, and struck cymbals (as on a drum kit) get quickly annoying. Oh, and cow bells belong on cows.

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@Adirondackwannabe Hey, I thought everyone hate it.

If it counts as an instrument, then it is my least favorite one.

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Best: Clarinet. But I’m highly biased, because that’s my instrument. I just love its rich yet subtle wooden bell-like tones.
Worst: Saxophone. It’s a damn clarinet wannabe that has rid itself of everything that makes the clarinet beautiful. Their parts are usually overly emotive, and by and large they just sound to me like a really condescending brass goose.

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Trumpets and Saxaphones are the worst.

The Theramin is the best.

And there are some, like the violin/fiddle, that can either be annoying or enjoyable depending upon what is being played and who is doing the playing.

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@GloPro What you are problably used to hearing is classroom playing.Just for contrast, here is a group of professional recordists. The recorder can make beautiful music.

A toy harmonica sounds nowhere as fine as a blues harp in the hands of a master such as Sonny Terry. and Brownie McGhee.

@marinelife, I have played both French Horn and accordion. The accordion has had a bad rap since the Fifties, when every young boy in wanted to play “Lady of Spain” like Dick Contino.

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I’d prefer the ones played well. And (big surprise) those playing music I like.

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I love brass. The French horn has a wonderful tone.

Don’t care much for high-pitch tinny drums.

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Polka is great fun. I have fond memories of watching Lawrence Welk with Gramma Alice.

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Any kind of musical instrument in the hands of the inexperienced (or tone deaf) can be painful to hear.

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Vocals both top and bottom my list.
Bagpipes are horrendous, pianos are amazing.

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The sax is one of the most soulful sounding instruments and I love it! And nothing is worse than a poorly played clarinet.

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Best – saxophone.
Worst – bagpipes.

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Best – blues guitar
Worst – kazoo

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Worst, bagpipes.

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Best: Fingerpicked acoustic guitar.
Worst: Didgeridoo

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I’d say it really depends on the context, the skill level of the player and what is being done with the instrument. That being said, there are still some instruments that I really like in terms of timbre- such as oboe and cello.

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Wow! I didn’t realize the Cello was so versatile
With or Without You

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Pipe organs when played by an organist who deeply understands the instrument definitely top the list. Close behind are the violin, especially when electrified, the cello, the French horn & the bagpipes. (I agree with what someone once noted: only people descended from either Scottish or Irish ancestry can stand their sound. I love them.)

Worst sounding in my opinion: the alto sax. I used to play it, and I agree with @wildpotato about their sound. Up close they really do sound like either a brass goose with a bad cold, or an unbent (unhinged?) French horn mired in depression.

Also on my worst sounding list is the Hammond Electric Organ. Worst. Organ. Ever.

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(Ya gotta love NPR.)

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