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What's your favorite euphemism?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) May 1st, 2014

We recently talked about passing away as opposed to dying.

Do you have a favorite euphemism? One that eases you into something? One you find outrageous or entertaining?

“One brick short of a load.”
“Bohemian lifestyle.”
Being “separated” from your job.

Have fun with it!

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If by favourite you mean most reviled, it would be “department of defence”. It is a war department. Fucking admit to it.

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“Conscious uncoupling” – give me a break!

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being made redundant.

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“job creators”

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Aztec Two-Step and Crisco Kid are probably my two favorites.

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I’m with @ragingloli on this. Be a man, and say it right.

George Carlin totally made fun of all this politically correct stuff. Like how it went from shell shock to ’‘post traumatic stress disorder’’. We say that to be more genteel, but who is that exactly catering to? Certainly not the poor soldier who’s seen, done and experienced shit that your worse nightmares can’t even begin to imagine.

I know, not really a euphemism, but my fave none da lass, yooo.

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Powdering my nose or visiting the ladies room.

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@Juels for the longest time I thought that meant snorting coke.

Berserker's avatar

It doesn’t?

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@Winter_Pariah LOL Apparently it has multiple meanings.

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Rusty Pipes. The nosebleeds you get from snorting too much coke.

Berserker's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe Really? That’s a thing, rusty pipes? Haha I like that one.

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It was more common when coke was big. Now it might refer to the blood vessels from the heroin and opiates that are all over the place.

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May they rest in peace…

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Metabolically challenged = dead

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

The big dirt nap.

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Taking the pigskin bus to tuna town..

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Juggling balloons while pogo-ing the caboose

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Laying Pipe, Takin a Slow Ride.

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@Adirondack There are so many funny ones about sex, I’m sitting here thinking & giggling.

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@KNOWITALL There are. I wasn’t going to start that train, but it already left the station.

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comfort woman
vertically challenged
fell off the back of a truck

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Going Commando
Assumed Room Temperature
Domestic Engineer
Knocking Boots

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Favorite ironic ones:
Metabolically challenged, just be real and say they are fat.
Making love, again, be real and say fornicating.

Favorites just because:
Light is on but no one is home.
Two tacos short of a Mexican salad.
As sharp as a bag of bowling balls.
Can’t fight his/her way out of a wet paper bag with an ice pick.
Won’t bust a grape with steel toed shoes.
She has been rode hard and put away wet.

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From a matchmaker : He/she has a good personality.

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I kind of like conscious uncoupling. The phrase inspires a knee jerk eye roll. But I can appreciate it conceptually.

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I prefer amicable divorce myself.

Dan_Lyons's avatar

Irreconcilable Differences

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“Damn” instead of #$%&

kritiper's avatar

Gettin’ some fringed benefit.

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Corndoggy. She was feeling corndoggy while watching the love scene in the movie Titanic. He got all corndoggy when she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse.

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Puppy instead of son-of-a-bitch.

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