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Halloween Costumes?

Asked by tigertigertigerwoodsyall (20points) July 3rd, 2008

Okay, I know it’s early but I like to plan ahead… what are some good costume ideas? I’m 21 a year old male.

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Well name some stuff you liked dressing up as / saw that you wish you had thought of… and I’m sure we can give you a better suggestions

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This year I suspect there will be some Presidential election year costumes: Baracks, Hillarys, Hillary & Bills, McCains.

You could go as Wall E.

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Last year I wore a cow costume with squirting udders on the front. You should totally rock that.

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Nate is really excited to go as sweeny todd.

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@del Uh-oh, does that automatically make you the bug pie lady?

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I wanna go as Dee Snyder, but I’m afraid people will think I’m Christina Aguilera!

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Looking at the summer movies this year… Joker is going to be popular, so is two face… some creative people will probably be Iron Man… maybe a hulk or two.

Those are a little too mainstream for me… I might dress up as Bruce Banner, or maybe someone from Dethklok (Metalocalypse)

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I… I… I’m not sure. I really don’t think so. I’m not little enough to pull her off. But the gown would be really fun. We went as yipyips (sesame street) last year.

And then changed nathan in to the nefarious villain from every really old silent movie ever.

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you can become an oreo cookie 4 one night, and ur gf can be a glass of milk

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Why not Tiger Woods? I hear you’re a fan.

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I’ve always wanted to go as Pyramid Head from the video game Silent Hill 2.

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