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What's your secret for hitting the 10K club?

Asked by prolificus (6540points) May 1st, 2014

I’ve been a member for slightly over 4 years. Granted, I’ve taken long periods of time off from participating. But, I’ve plateaued at 6K. Apart from OCD’ing on spending every waking moment on Fluther, how do I get past the plateau?

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I added you to my fluther and gave you a GQ. Hope that helps. :)

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It took me two-and-a-half years of fairly consistent participation to get to 10K, actually less, because I don’t remember when the Lurve started. However, because no one had maxed-out on anyone (and I don’t think the limits were in place right at the start), a lot of people hit 10K much faster than I. It then took me four years to get to 20K, meanwhile, people who started long after me have 30 or 40K.

I honestly stopped caring about the Lurve score ages ago – even before 30K. I’m fairly choosey about which threads I participate in, so I’m not going to get the kind of Lurve that other folks who post a snappy retort on virtually ever post will. If you really want to increase your score, start participating in threads that might be outside of your ‘comfort zone’, because you’re more likely to run into folks who have not yet maxed out on Lurving you. If you’re using the Desktop version, you might want to use the “Active” and “Orphan” buttons to jump into posts where others are actively participating, or to see of there’s any unanswered Question that you might be able to answer.

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When I first joined Fluther, I posted a lot. I was very involved in many threads. My husband was overseas and Fluther was a place of companionship for me. The frequent activity helped me climb to 10K rather quickly (in about 4 months). It took me another 2 years after that to reach 20K. I’ve been working on 30K for about another 2 years and am no where near close.

I’m a lot less active now though, so I’ll be surprised if I ever make it to the 30K mansion.

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@turtlesandbox thank you. I LOVE your username!! I’ve a pet turtle named Zoe, and I own a business with Turtle in its name.

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You have to abandon your life and answer questions all the time. The fact that you haven’t hit 10K yet means you actually have a life. Be proud!

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I don’t really pay attention to my lurve. I try to take care of other’s but I don’t pay attention to mine that much until I hit a milestone. I answer the questions the best way I know how, make friends with the other jellies, and be respectful.

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Being a babbley wonder, what else?
Almost to the 40k club, 4 years, 40k. lol

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How to hit 10k as quick as possible.

Step one: stay at Fluther for 15 hours a day.
Step two: be either extremely helpful or extremely crazy, depending on the threads you are posting.
Step three: start extremely crazy or mind-screwing threads.
Step four: GQ your own threads as much as possible.
Step five: follow as many jellies as possible, but make sure they will follow you back.
Step six: log in to Fluther everyday without fail.

That’s it! The end of The Completely Useless Guide for Hitting 10k by @Mimishu1995! ~

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I don’t know either but whatever I’m doing, I’m pretty close. I just gave you a ton of lurve so hope that helps!

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@dxs Go, go, go….we’ll have you in the mansion by sunset tomorrow!

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As of this moment, 91 points it’s only taken me almost 5 years.

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Participate, participate, participate.

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There @dxs! I lurved you. I’ll host your party if you succeed!

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But my lurve only went up 5 points. You all know me too well!

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@dxs Lurved again. Happy?

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Oh yes. A sinful amount of lurve is coming my way.

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46 points and counting down……

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Ha! It seems all I needed to do was throw a pre-10K club party!! Thanks for all the Lurve!

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Or, I could open a LPV site (Lurve Per View). Not that I have much I’d wanna show or that you’d wanna see. Yikes!

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Ask questions

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@Coloma – we started around the same time. I’m so jealous happy for you!

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Right place, right time, I suppose. I came on fairly early in the game and participated a lot for 20 months when things were fresh and threads got used and abused.

If there are 20 frequent users (as there are now) and they max out their lurve on you, that’s only 2,000 lurve. The lurve economy has shrunk compared to what it used to be.

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@prolificus Heh…maybe I should be embarrassed. lol

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Who to lurve, who to lurve…

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@Coloma – Well… Geese are prolific…. prolific at leaving their droppings. <teasing>

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I thought this discussion is over.

Oh well, may as well turn this into a lurve party.

Lurve you first @Coloma!

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I’ve lurved everyone here. I hope I don’t catch any STD’s!

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They’re all wankers & deserve a good beating…oh, you mean “hitting” in that way.

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Twould seem that the sensible answer is patience and persistence. Of course, you would have to assume that you will live for a couple of years.

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@dxs I’m sorry, we couldn’t make it to sunset :( ~

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@Mimishu1995 500 lurve is a lot to ask for one night.

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I just came. Lol.

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I shaved my head bald.

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