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How can I contribute to society online? (Details inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) May 1st, 2014

My Ideal is staying home most of the day while contributing to society. What do you suggest? Right now I am happy being a part of the Fluther community, and I would like to do more of Q and A lifestyle. What do you suggest?

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@Dan_Lyons I don’t understand?

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Paypal allows you to make donations to charitable organizations online from the comfort of your e z chair.

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Write short fiction or poetry.

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If you are proficient in any foreign languages, maybe you could start a web based translation service?

I can’t help wondering though, why don’t you want to get out amongst the community?

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Write opinionated blogs on politics and religion.
Otherwise, webcam sluttery.

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I don’t really get how writing on a very small community like fluther is contributing to society, can you clarify what you mean?

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In order to make a contribution, you must provide some unique expertise or useful information in your answers.

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You could post on that other Q&A site, YahooAnswers.

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