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What is the difference between "0 milisecond ago" and "just a moment ago"?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14775points) May 1st, 2014

Anyone who take notice of the Community Feed will be able to detect these.

What is the difference between them, aside from one has a number and the other doesn’t?

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The community feed often fucks up like that, best ignore it.

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There is no difference they are both in the past.

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100 microseconds.

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@Paradox25 0.000000000000000000001 microseconds still counts :p

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A moment is often considered to be two minutes. A ”Moment of Silence” on Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day in the U.S.) is two minutes long.

“0 millisecond ago” is still in the past, just means it’s in the past less than 999 micro seconds ago.

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In terms of the Community Feed, “0 milliseconds ago” typically appears when something happened at the same time you loaded the page—often because you loaded the page. For example, you receive the Jelly-Asker award at the very moment you submit your first question, so it should appear in the feed as having happened 0 milliseconds ago right after clicking “Ask Fluther” for the first time.

“Just a moment ago,” on the other hand, appears when something happened just before you loaded the page, but not simultaneously with you loading the page or because you loaded the page. So if someone gives a Great Answer or a Great Question just as you are clicking on a question, it should show up as having happened just a moment ago.

Or at least, this is what I have deduced from my experience with the Community Feed. Someone more familiar with the actual site code may be able to tell us more.

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