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Has anyone had a 2-step TB test?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) May 2nd, 2014 from iPhone

My graduate program requires this. I can’t find any mention of this service provided, do I just go back 7 days after the first reading? Can I go to a different place for the second test?

Bonus: Is this going to likely be more cost efficient using one of those clincs in CVS/kroger or using my health insurance?

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I had to do this for nursing school. This was about 5–6 years ago, but I just went to Doctor’s Care, they put the bubble of whatever it is under the skin on my forearm. I went back a week later, they looked at it, and then I went home. The second visit was free since I paid for the test in the first day, so I wouldn’t go to two different places (not sure why you would). As for prices, I’d use insurance if I had any. I didn’t when I was in nursing school and I remember it being quite pricey.

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I’m surprised they require a two step. I don’t think that is used very often. Are you sure you have not had a TB test within the last year? Don’t get the two step if you have.

The way I remember it, you get the first one administered and then read day 2 or 3 and then the second one administered day 7 and read day 9. Double check with your doctor to clarify.

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Both hospitals I’m currently working in required a TB to apply. I thought that was the 2 step, but it isn’t…
I found out that the health clinics at Wal-Mart (which are run by local hospitals, oddly) will do the initial TST for $30. The hospital was $240!!! I was uninsured, obviously.
Anyway, simple. They skin-pop the TB test (just under the skin), and then you go back 48-hours later. The window to have it checked is very small and they will invalidate the test if you don’t go back in time.

[Edit] 2 step is usually for past positives?

It’s no big deal. The Wal-Mart clinic will also do a physical for your college, too, if required. That’s pretty cheap, too.

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@GloPro No, what you describe is a one step. This is the two step.

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Yeah, derp. I went and looked at my paperwork. I got the initial TST at Wal-mart, and then got hired. Not the 2 step. I must have gotten that at the hospital when I got my tetnus and Hep B… It was required for employment and on my immunization records. I guess I wasn’t paying attention, because I flat out don’t remember!
Don’t trust me, I guess I thought my 2 step was part of my Hep B trio of visits or something…

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Thanks, so helpful.

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Be careful you do not get a bug bite near the test area before the reading. The nurse will claim a response has occurred and it will be weeks or months to straighten them out.

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I had to do this to be a camp counselor. It is simple. No problems. Relax.

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Double check that the school health center doesn’t provide the test for free. Most places that require the test for employment provide it for free, maybe your university does also.

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