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Can we try to refrain from using the term butthurt?

Asked by johnpowell (14988points) May 2nd, 2014

I hate it and since I am lazy I will link to this that uses words I am to lazy to.

That sums up my feelings.

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I have been accused of being such once or twice, but for some reason that word never comes to mind when I am denigrating someone.
Therefore I shall not use the term.

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The analogy had never occurred to me. Who’s to say there aren’t a few other reasons a butt would hurt? Hemorrhoids, ring sting from spicy foods not fully digested…

I don’t use the term anyway, so for me it’s irrelevant, but I don’t really know that I agree with the association given.

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How about no?

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I don’t use the term, but I can also think of other reasons why a butt would hurt. Here’s an example:

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Oversensitive gobshite sounds so much better.

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Are we allowed to say Buttitch. I think we may occasionally have to since other people tend to have similar problems

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Never used it, never heard is used. Have seen it written on Fluther a few times.

I’m not fond of it because I think it sounds stupid. Count me in.

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I don’t use that word. I think it sounds stupid.

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Yes, kill the heretics who spell it wrong. It’s spelled B-U-T-T-H-E-R-T!

k thx

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I don’t think so—especially considering one’s butt can hurt after consensual anal sex too…

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I don’t understand. You say you want the refrain to be butthurt?

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I agree that the connotation descriped in your link is probably where this term originated. So it makes me uncomfortable as well. I think it’s a little naive to insist that it could refer to different types of pain in the buttal area, and therefore it’s a totally harmless word. I mean, come on.

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I’ve never even heard of the word so you have nothing to fear from me : ^)

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After researching the etymology of butthurt for several minutes it seems the term came to be somewhere around 2001. It was referencing a kick to the pants or a spanking.
It wasn’t until 2011 that websites began circulating the myth that the etymology refers to forced sodomy. That appears to be incorrect.
Just more overly-sensitive people running out of things to be offended by, it seems.

A kick in the pants makes perfect sense. If the term was rectalhurt you may be on to something. As it stands, not so much.

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No. What I really want to refrain from using is <I have been modded for using it twice now and I don’t dare using it again>

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I’ve reconsidered my usage of the term and have decided that I will continue to use it.

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I’ve never used the term and I’m very fond of precision of language so I’m fine with never using it.

But until reading this Q and the one linked to on the other site, it just never occured to me that this had anything to do with anal rape. Perhaps it is because of my years spent teaching in elementary schools where spankings were not unheard of, but I’ve always assumed that this term was used in that context. (or alternately, falling down backwards and landing on the coccyx which really does hurt quite a bit but normally doesn’t last long enough to warrant a fuss.)

And that wpuid also make far more sense to the INTENTION of the word’s use to mean being disproportionately upset over something.

In other words, if someone is “butthurt” they’re making a mountain out of a molehil and overreacting to something trivial.

Being anally raped can certainly not be regarded as trivial in any sense as it would profoundly affect someone for life. Therefore, to use THAT meaning of butthurt to suggest that someone is overreacting to something trivial makes no logical sense at all.

But I’m making that observation as a person fond of precision of language, and in that regard, I find the term in question to be kind of childish so I certainly won’t feel deprived by not seeing it widely used.

But I also disagree that this term is offensive to a majority of people due to its association with forcible rape. That’s just a bridge too far.

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@Buttonstc “Therefore, to use THAT meaning of butthurt to suggest that someone is overreacting to something trivial makes no logical sense at all.”

This makes it sound as if you haven’t spent much time on the internet. :/

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I don’t understand why you think I haven’t been on the Internet much. Granted I don’t hang out on 4chan or other crap sites, but I’ve been using the internet on a daily basis for the last 14 yrs or so (I started using the net shortly before 9/11 happened) not sure what you would consider to qualify as “much”.

Isn’t that the usual way that it’s used on the Internet? Instead of telling someone they’re concern is exaggerated and they’re overreacting, they’re called butthurt. At least everytime I’ve seen that term used on the Internet, that is what the context would indicate.

And that’s the opposite of being raped; therefore I see it as illogical to associate rape with something trivial. It just doesn’t make any logical sense to infer that; hence my questioning how widely accepted rape is is as a common association with that term as opposed to something more logically associated with trivial (such as a spanking, or falling on your tailbone) ie: it hurts but not enough to make a federal case out of it.

But I think it’s a stupid use of language (I’ve never heard it in real life) so I’m certainly not going to miss it on Fluther or the net in general.

As long as it’s voluntary rather than mandated here on Fluther, I’m fine with its disappearance. We can do better.

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No, @Buttonstc, you’re misunderstanding me. I’m saying that it’s exceedingly common to see people on all kinds of platforms trivialise rape. I am not literally commenting on the hours that you clock on the internet.

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