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If I receive unsatisfying results from a question of mine, can I start another thread with the same content again?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14775points) May 3rd, 2014

Provided that I wait and wait but the answers I want don’t come up, and my question has been too old to be normally answered again, can I ask it again, in the form of another thread?

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Are you looking for facts in the Q or opinions? If you don’t get the opinions you want then you’re better of just accepting that we all think differently. If you are looking for factual answers then maybe you need to look elsewhere or wait a very long time so that you can attract a decent number of new jellies that wouldn’t have answered first time around.

I see many Qs that start with “I know this has been asked before but….”

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@Leanne1986 I’m looking for facts.

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I would see if you can find the answers elsewhere then, at least until we have an influx of new jellies that may know the answers.

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I would say that if it’s facts you’re after and you don’t get the answers you need, it means that there is no-one present on Fluther that even knows the right answer. We do have a very small userbase after all. So in that case you may be better off asking the question on a different site, or waiting a few months for an influx of new Jellies.

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No – it would be a duplicate Question. If you aren’t getting the responses you want, comment on the thread to redirect and add details. This is why choosing the wording of the OP is so important.

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My problem with the search tab is that you type in a buzzword. I’ll use “parenting” for example. Well, up pops 1,222 results (I made that # up), in no particular order, and in order to see how old it is I have to click on it. If it was asked in 2011 should I keep looking and clicking for a more recent similar question? The search results showing the date asked would be a nice and helpful change.

So, @Mimishu1995, I would honestly have no clue how long it had been since the original question or if it were a duplicate question if I missed it the first time around. By you commenting on your original question I still would not see that question. Only those that responded the first time would know you requested more details or additional responses.

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Well I don’t know the rules but rewording the question seems optimal. I have seen the same essential question asked in a different manner by two different people and the difference in response was very interesting.

Another lesson for me… It’s not what you ask but how you ask it.

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