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Do you think Fluther will have its own app in the app store?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) July 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

It will have new features?

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I don’t see why they’d bother making an app for it. Webapps will still work. What would a proper app for Fluther do that the iphone website can’t?

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Yes, most definitely. When I use my iPhone to get on, it doesn’t let me get on and navigate through pages. If I go to my activity page, it shows all of the updates, I click on it, it signs me out and then I have to sign in again with the first attempt always failing. If there was a native app then I bet it would be more reliable.

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Have you jailbroken your iPhone? That’s usually the cause of the logout problems.

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The only reason to have an app in the AS would be some kind of an RSS gadgetry-looking thing. But, even then…

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I was going to ask this very same question about 10 seconds ago… :-P… I hope there will be one. If fluther did release their own native version for iPhone, it would be so much easier to use than the webapp version.. I like the MySpace mobile app wayyyyy better than the actual myspace website!!! LOL. Anyways, I just think it would be easier all around. Dedicated alerts tab, easier login, ask a question tab… Plus, I hate answering questions in the current mobile version because it spazzes whenever I try to go back within my response to edit, then I have to hit the answer button, THEN edit my response…

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