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What are some words you don't want to hear?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14951points) May 3rd, 2014

Inspired by this and this, and no more details needed.

I don’t like to hear “stupid” and any related words when they are directed to me, and some more words which I can’t include here as it will require a lot of cultural references/explanation.

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“Sieg Heil” and anything along those lines.

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Prohibition, non-alcoholic, sugar-free, caffeine-free, vegetarian, and celibacy all come to mind.

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“I’m taking a break from our relationship.”

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I’m afraid we have to let you go.

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“biochemical recurrence”

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Since I’ve been hiking lately, “CLOSED”. A lot of trails I want to go on aren’t ready yet.

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“We are interrupting the regularly scheduled program to bring you breaking coverage of Justin Beiber’s deposition.”
Yes, that happened.

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“Is it in yet”?

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I hate the word “woman.” Ugh, its so pretentious and gross sounding. I feel like I’m constantly expected to live up to this title and its exhausting. Its gotten to the point where I sometimes get a feeling of spiders crawling up my back when I hear it. Often when I hear it being used against me in any way, even subtly… I get the urge to slap them over the back of the head with a shoe.

I tolerate the term lady. I especially like the term “young lady.” It sounds respectful and modest. It sounds like the opposite of what a controlling and pretentious dick bag would say.

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@alphabetpony92 woman is merely a blend of man and womb. Womwn are men with wombs!

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You’re under arrest.

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President Trump orders simultaneous nuclear strikes against Iran, North Korea, Canada, and France!

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@Dan_Lyons Thank you for that, it helps a tiny bit but I still hate the word. I can barely type it out. lol. Its going to take a lot to get me through my hate for it! Girls have wombs too, they don’t really get a special word do they? Well they get the word girl but its no supposed to be as intricate as the W word.

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“Girl” is the term we used to describe children who have wombs.
I don’t get what is so intricate about “Woman.”

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^ Some people see “woman” as condescending.

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Hmmmm. Why?

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Yeah…if women is offending then…no, one silly thing that got to me once was while watching Dracula Love Never Dies. Abraham sees Mina and Lucy and he calls them ’‘beautiful creatures’’. Kinda insulting. Women aren’t ’‘creatures’’ for fuck sakes.

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“Offended”/ “I’m offended!”
“Privilege”/ “Check your privilege.”
“Feminism”/ “Patriarchy”
“Misogyny” / Misogynistic” (when excessively overused)
“Cisgendered” (in relation to heterosexual White males and ‘privilege’)
“Please refrain…”

Basically any buzzwords you constantly hear on Tumblr. Of course, I respect people’s rights to use these annoying-as-fuck words. But they just annoy the hell out of me personally.

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@Dutchess_III If you often heard that people expect more from you as a grown woman, if people used the word against you in such a demeaning way, you wouldn’t find it condescending? I find that hard to believe. I guess you have had better experiences with it. I am trying to see it in a more positive way as well but it isn’t easy after my experiences.

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@alphabetpony92 Women and men are what we are. I wonder how it is being used against you or what culture you are in that you are offended by it.

What it make any difference if someone said, “I expect more of you as a grown person?” Would you be less offended?

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@janbb I’ve explained it quite thoroughly already. I live in England so I’m not in a very different culture from you I suppose.

Probably less offended, yeah, because most of the time when I have been hassled in such a way they used the word woman. I guess I just relate the word to those events.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about this any more since we are going around and around in circles and not really getting anywhere with it.

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Well, we also tell men that we expect more from men than we do from boys! Doesn’t mean we get it but we do expect it @alphabetpony92.

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@Dutchess_III Yeah, I haven’t said that in a long time because its rude. The last time I said it to a guy was probably when I was a hot headed teenager. lol. I regret it now.

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