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What's your opinion on a girl asking a guy out?

Asked by CutieCupcake (85points) May 3rd, 2014

There is a dance at the end of the year, called 8th Grade Formal. I like this guy, but most of his friends just use him for popularity. He asked out tons of girls to formal that rejected him. I wanted to ask him to formal, but got too scared then eventually a girl said yes to his offer. But unfortunately dumped him after two weeks or so. I felt bad, but a little happy on the inside. I want to ask him to formal, but I’m afraid he will see me as desperate. We have connections class together, and barely talk outside of that. What do you think of a girl asking a guy out?

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Just do it.

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Go for it.

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I think it is fine. Ask.

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Old courtship is dead, people do as they please these days…..if you want to ask, ask.

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8th grade. Aren’t you still passing notes, or the electronic version? If you have friends in common, try that. If no friends in common? Just ask the guy.

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I asked a guy out 100 years ago but I’d never ask one to a prom.

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I think it’s hot. If a woman asks me out, I know she’s interested. But I don’t need to play games. I’m going to open up to her and see what happens.

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My goodness, are we still in the 1950s? Ask him out and welcome to the 21st century.

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Ask already! Good luck.

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It has been okay for a girl to ask a guy out, for, oh, I don’t know, about 40 years now, at least. Yes, just do it!

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I’m all for it. In fact, I wish women would ask men out more often.

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Go for it! There’s nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out.

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I have nothing against females making a first move, or even asking someone out. My problem here is that males who tend to do a great deal of pursuing tend to feel a need to play out their expected gender role. You would probably have more luck with a more shy boy, or someone in between. You can try though, and you know him better than me, but I’m speaking from experience with other males I’ve known throughout my school years (and beyond) when they’re into chasing girls, and actually end up getting asked out by a girl themselves.

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Wish more women did.

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I not only encourage it, but personally, I think it should happen more often. We’re supposed to be building towards gender equality, right? Why make the man do all the work and take all the risk?

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