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Laundering cat urine out of a cotton rug?

Asked by jnkpauley (226points) May 3rd, 2014

Our elderly cat urinated on a white cotton bath rug. What is the best method of cleaning it, or is it ready for the landfill? Thx

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Pull out as much as you can by moistening the spot with water, then apply a dry paper towel to absorb the moisture. Do this several times. Then launder with plenty of soap, a normal application of bleach, and a good measure of baking soda. Rinse well.

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Just toss it in a warm wash with a little bleach, piece of cake.Maybe do an extra rinse cycle. Should come out just fine. Dry it in the dryer or hang dry.

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Way back when I used cloth diapers and occasionally had to launder them myself if the diaper service was late. As @Coloma says, into the washing machine w. hot water, a mild detergent and a little bleach. Dry in dryer, unless you are worried about shrinkage.

50 years later I still have a few of those diapers, soft and wonderful for washing windows. They had been laundered a thousand times.

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Cat urine is a way stronger smell than human urine, so you may need to launder them more than once. Try to use some fragrant detergent and use hot water. I wouldn’t put the rug into the dryer, even if it doesn’t have a backing on it. Let it air dry after the first washing and smell it, and repeat once more or twice more if necessary.

I have four cats – believe me, been there, done that.

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If it still doesn’t come out and you’re ready to throw it out, try leaving it in the sun for a week and then washing it one more time as a last ditch effort.
If you haven’t washed it yet you might want to soak it in water and an enzyme cleaner like Natures Miriacle.

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Vinegar is the only way I have found to remove the smell of cat piss. Just add 1 or 2 cups of vinegar + a little regular detergent when you wash it. Works every time.

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The only thing that has ever worked for me has been commercial urine remover detergents. Look for one that comes with special enzymes that will help break down the urea. Regular soap usually won’t cut it.

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