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If you had to pick a brand new body to live in, who would you choose to look like?

Asked by MarvinPowell (627points) May 3rd, 2014

If you could have a body like a celebrity or famous figure (or a body similar in build and stature to one), while keeping your mind, initial personality, and original memories, who would it be?

If you wouldn’t want anyone famous per se, you can custom-create a new physical appearance by describing it. Height, build, hair color, eye color, skin tone, chest, age, etc. You don’t have to stick to your own sex/gender.

For the purpose of this question, you cannot keep your own body. (Let’s say you lost it in a car crash.)

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For an idealized body: I’d choose a build similar to that of Dwayne Johnson/The Rock. At least 6’3”, maybe 255 pounds of muscle, a dark, tanned skin tone, black hair, hazel eyes, in my mid to late 20’s. I’d probably become a marine or FBI agent or something.

As for gender-swapped me… an app from ModelMayhem says this is what Female Me would look like, given the info I put in:

Name: Madison
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Dress size: 16
Shoe size: 10
Measurements: 40–38-48
Bust: DDD
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black (but I’d dye it blue because I dislike black hair)
Hair style: Long, straight

Interesting…! The other app, GenderBender on iTunes, was just weird.

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<<< angry pussy cat.

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<————This guy.

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Halle Barre’s body shape. Skin color just a few shades darker than myself, I am extremely white. Maybe Madonna’s body makes more sense for me, her breasts are probably more similar than Halle’s. I’ve never seen Halle’s. I’ll keep my blue eyes and brown hair, plenty of people out there with that combination, although thicker hair would be favored. Basically, I don’t want to look too different in the end. If I took better care of myself and ate better my body is similar to those bodies anyway. I just have a little too much fat hanging around the middle.

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Cary Grant. I had the good fortune of seeing his one-man show in the ‘80s, and even then, at 79 or 80, he looked great.

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You’ll have to send me a catalog. I’m unfamiliar with 98% of the young men that currently have ‘celebrity’ status.

Better yet, a checklist, like on a dating site where I give my ranges and get a list of options. Who gives a rats rump about looks or talent if I’m just getting a new body?

In a rush? Take Me Out to the Ball Game. We’ll pick out something.

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Probably an athlete like a gymnast, figure skater or contortionist. They’re thin, they’re flexible and they’re in incredible shape. Face-wise, maybe someone like Kate Hudson. I have beautiful women in my family, so only a celeb if it couldn’t be one of my family members.

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Jackie Gleason
waitaminute… too late

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In the new body, all I care about is that I’m not as thin.

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@dxs I’ll give you this body, as a gift :D

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Daniel Craig or Mario Lopez would be alright. Strong, nimble and lithe enough to do just about anything. I was ripped, but bulkier as that is my body type. There was a time when my pecs were so big that I could barely put my hands together while holding my arms straight out in front of me, which was a problem on the firing range. I remedied some of that by reducing the meat intake and working with a yoga teacher, but I was always the bulkier body type. After 40, I had a choice of being fat or muscle bound, and I chose the muscle. I needed to control it if I wanted to sail; working the deck you need to be as nimble as a monkey. But I always wanted a body like the guys above, or like Matthew McConaughey.

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@dxs But… being thin is a good thing! Being skinny/fit is considered to be the best thing ever, according to society! Well, next to being tall or well-endowed.

How bout this? If someone says “pass” or can’t decide, could someone else choose for them? How about you try out Kim Kardashian and her butt for a spin? Or, if you’re male, we’ll just give you a Jonah Hill.

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@Mimishu1995 Hah! Not that kind of not thin!

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Something like this would be nice.

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I don’t care about the looks of the build. I want a body that will not fall apart as I age. No more back problems, knee problems, etc. I want a body that will not require joint replacements, surgeries, or cause chronic pain. It needs to be immune to wear and tear.

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@Seaofclouds Sounds like you are talking about Jack LaLane!

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Yes, and @Seaofclouds, I’d like to see some history. Parents and grandparents. Reasonable expectations of longevity and health and maintaining that beautiful physique.

Like Paul Newman, aged 23 would be ideal.

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Pedigree is what I was looking for.

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I’d settle for what i was given without the mild scoliosis. Compensating for that has taken a lot of time and eneryg away from other more interesting activities. And as @Seaofclouds mentiones, the compensatory aches and pains become more and more annoying as I age.

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I’d just trade myself in for the 20 year old version of myself.
36/24/36 with the greatest legs in the world. haha

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I agree with @Coloma I’ll take myself at age 23

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