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Care to share your funny "dealing with spams" or "best spams ever" stories?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (17497points) May 4th, 2014

Disclaimer: this thread is purely for fun and is absolutely no attack!

Inspired by a recent event.

And beside, I decided that just sitting in one place with a sad face is just utterly unproductive, so I’m looking on the bright side and seeking for a good laugh.

Anyway, many jellies here deal with spams almost everyday. Spams are a pain in the (ass) neck, I know. But why don’t we just put the frowning-when-you-see-a-spam face out for a while and think for a moment? There are still some pretty hilarious situations involving spams sometimes.

Sometimes, an annoying situation can be hilarious if you look at it in a different angel, right?

Light up my day a bit, and party on!

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To give you a head start, I’ll go first!

My “dealing with spam” story: there used to be that German spams popping on the general (or social, I forgot) section. No one really had an idea what they were trying to advertise (and no one cared). At that time @Dog, @Symbeline and I were in that spam thread. I just wanted to mock that spammer about the fact that no one could understand their advertisement, so I typed a Japanese comment, basically meaning: “This is a spam. Everyone, please don’t eat it!” @Dog replied to my comment in Italian: “I agree. That spam will give you a stomachache if you eat it” (or so Google Translate said). @Symbeline jumped in and comment in French. Before long, a “language duel” among the three of us began. Each of us commented in our own chosen language, using the most offensive words we could find. The whole duel turned into some kind of chit chat until the mods put their hands on the spam thread, and subsequently our comments. But during the time the mods were cleaning our comments, I had to edit my last comment. When I came back to the thread, all comments were remove, except the one I had just edited!

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My “best spam ever” story: I used to see a spam jelly who dropped in random questions and posted spam comments. It’s quite normal for a spammer except for these things:

1. The questions that spammers posted on were completely unrelated to one another.
2. The spammer used only one link for every spam post.

Everything went like this: that spammer went to a thread about if curiosity was bad and posted something like: “Curiosity is a good thing. This link will give you some tools to put your curiosity into use. <link X>”. Then that spammer went to a thread about how to deal with a certain kind of disease and posted something like: “This link will give you a good idea about how to deal with it. <link X>”. After that that spammer went to a thread about how to get rid of a certain stain and posted something like: “This link will give you some tip about how to do that. <link X>”... It went on and on.

I had an impression that <link X> was some kind of magical website which can do absolutely everything!

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Someone needs to reference Monty Python here, so I’ll do it.

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Bob Servant wrote a book based on his humorous exchanges with spammers.

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Less spammers than scammers, has been fighting back for years. The archives are absolutely hilarious (though of questionable ethics).

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I have never tried spam (the one in a can)

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