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Mascara wearers: Do you find waterproof mascara to be very hard to remove from your eyelashes?

Asked by jca (36062points) May 4th, 2014

I wear waterproof mascara and I use a good quality liquid makeup remover on a cotton pad to remove. After a few swipes with the liquid soaked pad, I often still see mascara on my lashes, near the base, when I look closely in the mirror.

Mascara wearers (I didn’t want to aim this question at ladies, because I don’t want to assume), do you find waterproof mascara to be very hard to remove?

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I’m bad and usually end up rubbing or picking it off, or just leaving it. I’ve never tried to completely remove it with a product.

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It’s supposed to be difficult that’s the point of that mascara. Try using a liquid that has lipids, one your have to shake to mix it like Bifacils by Lancôme. Or, you can ask your favorite cosmetic line the best remover for waterproof mascara. In additional wash your face in lashes with a cream cleaner, Lancôme makes a good one of those too. I have to check the name if you are interested, it comes in a white tube.

I don’t use waterproof, and even I have a little mascara left when I go to bed at night, but I don’t wash my face, I just remove it with a regular cleansing wipe. It doesn’t bother me that there is a little left.

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Yes and I hate it never wear it. I wear the not waterproof kind

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I just googled to show you a photo of Bifacils and found this articles with 12 product suggestions for removing waterproof mascara. Bifacils is number 8, you can look through the others here. By the way that product often is in gift with purchase during Lancôme gift time.

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I just end up picking it off. I can never get it off with the makeup remover.

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The best mascara remover I’ve ever used is shea butter whipped up with rice bran oil. (my own invention)

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@cazzie Do you use that daily?

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I’m sort of bad about taking my make up off at night and I don’t use make up every day, so I use it occasionally. It would be perfectly fine to use daily. In fact, it is a really good moisturiser. In the winter, when it is really cold and dry, I use it as my moisturiser. I formulated it to use on my baby’s cheeks in the winter here.

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@cazzie I’m very bad about taking my make up off at night also. My whole life I probably have only taken it off about half the time at night and I almost never wash my face at night. The reason I asked is because if your concoction doesn’t wash off completely, then the next time you apply makeup to the lashes or eye it won’t adhere well since it is so oily. I think that sort of thing is good for the crows feet area, or even straight Vaseline, but I would hesitate to use it on my eyelid and lashes if I knew I would be wearing makeup the next day. Maybe once you wash your face it is a nonissue?

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If I do it the night before, it is such a light oil, most of it whips off. I wash it a bit in the shower in the morning, and it’s not a problem. But, if I try to do it in the morning, my mascara goes on, but it then bleeds down my lower eye lids.

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I also don’t like it, but I have some sample sizes for if there is an occasion that I might cry or get wet. I have the Neutrogena eye makeup cleansing pads for those occasions, and I do have to wipe at it a while before it comes off. I wipe from the top and underneath the eyelashes, and I make sure I’m not rubbing on the eyelids too much.

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I use olive oil to remove eye makeup all the time and it works well.

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