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What does the following word as a clothing brand name mean?

Asked by flo (10615points) May 4th, 2014

The word is “Obey”
But obey what? What does the company want people to obey? What are the people wearing the clothing saying? “I want people to obey me”? Or “I am going to obey my spouse if I get married”? Or other? The answers I read online don’t answer the question.

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The company probably thought it would be “cool” or “hip” to name their business that. I doubt there is any deeper meaning.

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@flip86 Exactly, just some stupid “trendy” crap.

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It’s short for “Obey Giant”. The giant in question being Andre the Giant. The guy who founded the company began by making stickers, shirts, etc, with Andre’s likeness with the phrase “Andre the Giant has a posse”. Later on, fearing trademark concerns, he went with a stylized image inspired by Andre the Giant’s look, and changed the name to Obey Giant. It is also a spoof of propaganda and, if I recall, a bit of an homage to the film They Live.

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My first instinct is to say “My brain is in my pants, and I must obey”.
Many years ago, a Japanese clothier considered a new clothing brand that sounded very English. Fortunately for them, they never used the “Trim Pecker” label.

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@Darth_Algar is correct. Here is the Wikipedia page for the artist, Shepard Fairey. The career section addresses the evolution of the Obey slogan.

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But I just don’t see the connection between the Andre and the whatever else in the story how the company started and word obey

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When a 7 ft, 500 lb man tells you to do something you obey him.

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Well, my favorite brand of jeans as a teen was “Sweet Fanny Adams.” What does THAT mean? Not to mention, “Guess.”

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