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Why won't it allow me to copy the error message in the following site?

Asked by flo (12901points) May 4th, 2014

When I click on the “Contact” tab of this web page, I get an error message pop-up on my browser. I want to copy the text of the message so I can ask a Fluther question about it, but it won’t allow me to copy. Why is this?

The same thing with another site which is in the 1st post below.

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…and here as well clicking “Email”?

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Is it mail client not set up properly?

Just take a screenshot when it pops up, press print screen then paste in paint or photoshop or gimp and upload It somewhere?

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@XOIIO I understand about the screenshot but I still would really prefer not to have to.
The mail clients Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook are fine for other sites, why only these 2 sites?

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Those must have it linked to outlook express, usually something like firefox will just let you use gmail instead but it could be the way they are handling it on their website.

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@XOIIO Alright I guess whatever the purpose is.

By the way how do I undo the spellcheck feature (every word is underlined as I’m typing right now. What did I do?

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That “Contact” tab is a mailto: link.
It calls the email client that is configured in your browser’s settings. If you’re using Chrome then it will probably open Gmail by default; otherwise you have to tell it you want Gmail (or whichever one you want to use.)

As to why you can’t copy the message, we can’t answer that because we don’t have enough information. Some window objects can’t be selected, either because they aren’t really text (sometimes just a picture of text) or because they have a property that signals the OS to not allow them to be selected. If we knew from whence the message emanated then maybe we could try to figure out the cause of it’s non-copy-ability, but we don’t.

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Thank you.
”...we can’t answer that because we don’t have enough information.” That is a bad thing right there. Why are they making it so?

”...either because they aren’t really text (sometimes just a picture of text) or because they have a property that signals the OS to not allow them to be selected” What is the purpose of that?

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@rexacoracofalipitorius .

Why are they (whoever they are) making the texts not selectable by making it a __picture_
of a text?

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I can’t answer that one either, again because there isn’t enough information. Without at least knowing what the error message says, I can’t so much as guess whether it emanates from the web page, from the browser, or from the OS. From context I would guess the latter, but I’m not qualified to diagnose UI issues in Windows, unfortunately- I just don’t know enough about it.

In general, a programmer might choose to use some pre-written code (like system libraries, or some other sort of framework) to handle parts of the program under scrutiny- part like error-handling. The person who originally wrote these pieces of code might have decided to format the messages in some non-selectable way by mistake or through some motive we can’t really guess at. There are many layers and complexities to program code, and it’s frequently the case that a programmer doesn’t know or think about all the aspect of its behavior under various circumstances.

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It gives me a “Launch Application” which asks me to choose between Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail. I choose, and then if I click on “choose” it gives me another one “Launch another Application” and the cursor is flashing at “Enter the name of the file”. What is the name of the file?

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@rexacoracofalipitorius Thank you.

My last post should’ve started with Latest developmet:

Anyway now no problem when I’m using IE8 but with Firefox same story.

Thanks again.

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I don’t know what the name of the file is, but I’m guessing it’s the path to your email client of choice. What’s probably happening is that the protocol handler for ‘mailto’ links is not properly configured in Firefox.

Does your error message look like the “Launch Application” dialog shown in this link?

If so, then I think maybe you clicked on the app you wanted (say, gmail) and then clicked “choose” instead of “OK” (maybe OK was still grayed out, which would mean it’s not set up properly, which would be wierd.)

If that’s not the case then I think you will need to mess about a bit with firefox config in order to get it to work. In Firefox, open the menu, choose Preferences, and go to the Applications tab. Type “mailto” in the search bar. Under Action there’s a drop-down menu, pick “Use Gmail” or whatever one is in there that you want.

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Okay. Yes it does look like the one in your link.
I suppose you are not on XP.

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@rexacoracofalipitorius I brough up XP completely as an aside, not in relation of the OP.

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@flo No, I’m not on XP; most of my computers run Debian. You ought not to be using XP either; since Microsoft has terminated support for XP, it becomes less and less safe to use on the internet. If you are still using XP, please consider an upgrade ASAP (note: I’d consider ubuntu an upgrade, but that’s just me;^)

Is that dialog the one with the error message you wanted to copy?

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“Is that dialog the one with the error message you wanted to copy?” No the error message was something like ” something doesn’t exist…” It was just a paragraph of 3 or so sentences which is no longer occuring.

Thanks for the advice re. XP, it is not under my control.

I went to google to find the definition of dialog and I don’t see just dialog only dialog box

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@rexacoracofalipitorius It’s alright I got the Images

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