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Do you have a mandatory social media shut off period?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) May 4th, 2014

I’m talking about a shut off in regards to turning off your device. I didn’t realize how much I was on social media until I watched this video

I guess I’m pretty much always on something.

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No… I don’t feel comfortable in public. I only go outside for food or doctors appointments or to check my mail. Nice video though.

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No. I’m a big boy and know how to control myself.

The only people who need external types of mechanisms are those who have no will power.

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No, I use my devices to create rain noises so I can sleep better.

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Yes. I absolutely refuse to use “social media” while I’m in the shower. In fact, before I even enter the bathroom for any purpose.

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No, but I think I should.

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When I am outside my house.

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truthfully I give myself probably 30 minutes a day. I would rather see and talk to people in person. If I’m in the house with nothing to do and all my chores done, I read.

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Social media is a good place to interact with people and share your notions and thoughts. But one should never get too attached with them. It’s better to live your life than stick behind a computer screen all day. I use social media only when I need to.

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