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What are you doing? Are we hanging out together right now?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) May 4th, 2014

I’m filing and editing the photos I shot this weekend. It’s for work.

I think what that means is that I’m working, while socializing with my fluther acquaintances. That’s ok by me. I’m self employed and make my own hours.

What are you doing right now? And are you hanging out with me while you’re doing it?

Note to the future… It might be ten years from now, and you answer this thread. Does that mean we’re still hanging out?

And what if you answer now, and then answer again in ten years. Does that mean that you’re hanging out with your old self?

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I’m working on a load of laundry while cleaning a lunchbox and answering questions, but I’m not pressing the answer button. until now

I think that means we are hanging out.

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We’re hanging out… like the toes in your avatar @turtlesandbox.

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I’m hanging out with my fluther friends right now while I also watch The Face. I’m shocked I like that show, all the other model shows I can barely watch for five minutes.

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Will be checking out the face. Never heard of it.
<<< that guy’s a fashion tog you know.

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We’z be chillin’ up in dis bitch, yo!

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I’m playing poker, and losing a bundle. No matter, Xbox keeps giving me the chips to start over. I have to be doing something else when I’m on Fluther, because my signal is always off, on, off, on, off, staying off a while, on, but signal too weak to post, reading only.

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You, and Fluther, have my full attention at the moment. I must say, if we’re hanging out it’s rather what I would expect hanging with the sloths to be, dynamic wise.

At least we’re in good company, as “Sloths make a good habitat for other organisms, and a single sloth may be home to moths, beetles, cockroaches, ciliates, fungi, and algae.”

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I’m hiding out working, taking my sweet time and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out the next 2 hours.
Then, I shall emerge having accomplished everything I was on task for, just making it last a little longer than need be. Whew…it’s ALL done, wiping brow, swooning for effect with my employer. Haha

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7:32 in CA. I spent one of my days off hanging out with my daughter on her day “off”, at her office, where they are installing all new phone lines. 6 hours with the AT&T guys. So fun. lol
At least we got to hang out and razz the guys and eat takeout. So much for days “off.”

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I’m not allowed to access the Internet where I’m currently working (I’d get fired), but I’m home now (midnight), so I guess we’re hanging out now. I’ll be logging off of here shortly to debate sceptics on another site (I’m a glutton for punishment), but we’ll hang out again, and maybe talk about the origins of the universe again or something.

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I’m enjoying a homemade strawberry milkshake while talking to you. I guess this can be considered hanging out.

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8:25 in the hot hills or Northern CA. I am sitting on the deck fluthering while watering the grass and on my second Corona lite. Going to bed as soon as the watering chores are done, I am whipped. lol

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