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Have you ever felt ashamed of your existence?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14756points) May 5th, 2014

As asked.

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Existence? No.

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That doesn’t sound good. Why would I be ashamed to exist?

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NO, confused by it….yes.

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Not my existence, no.

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No I have never felt ashamed of my existence. Some of my choices, some behaviors yes, my existence, no.

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No. I am vain enough to even be proud of it.

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Of course not. It’s far to simple to place the blame for my existence on “someone else”

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I am riddled with self loathing. Many times I have regretted my birth, but I am constantly reminded of how we all fall short, and of the grace of forgiveness.

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No. I truly love myself. I value my imperfections as much as my perfections.

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No, I wasn’t entirely created by myself anyway. Who am I going to blame?

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I have never felt ashamed to exist. I have, however, felt confused by it.

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At times when I compare my shortcomings and weaknesses to others who obviously fare ten thousand times better, I do feel ashamed.

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Sometimes when learning about the latest heinous acts, such as the slow invasion of Ukraine or the kidnapping of hundreds of girls from their school, I am ashamed of the existence of the human race. Fortunately the many examples of kindness and caring people have performed that I have witnessed counters this feeling.

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This question doesn’t make sense to me. Why would anyone be ashamed of existing? As @flutherother said, none of us created ourselves anyway. We didn’t make a conscious effort to exist.

And even if we did, and had to annihilate scores of other species’ in order to exist, I still wouldn’t be ashamed. Survival of the fittest!

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Sorta. I do wonder how, if everything we do is immoral (either directly or through the chain reaction we create through our actions), morality could matter, and if it does, why we exist, and whether we should just not exist.

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Not ashamed but dis-oriented, yes.

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