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Can those of you less rythmically impaired tell me how to dance to this song?

Asked by rojo (22085points) May 5th, 2014

The song is Paul Simons Father and Daughter and I need to either figure out what/how to dance without looking too foolish or find a different song. Is it a waltz? two-step? six-step? Mambo?
Any help appreciated.

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Twerking is so hot right now~

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@rojo There you go. Twerking with your daughter will make a big impression.

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It would make for a great memory during the toast at her wedding, for sure.

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Do “The Robot.”

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Depends. How old is your daughter?
Try this, Put your right foot in, then put your right foot and shake it all about
Then put your left foot in and put your left out and shake it all about
Do the hoke poky cause that; what it’s all about toot toot!

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I knew I should have gone General

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This is the song where the bride dances with her father?

Isn’t that usually a slow dance song? Like a waltz?

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Avoiding the foolish part might be the trick, @rojo.

Not bad
Not good
I didn’t know this song, but came to dislike it after hearing it 4–5 times.

Change the song?

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Best in Show

(He should have passed her from hand to hand behind his back.)

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You could do a slowed down modified jive step easily to this song.

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Yeah, I am thinking change the song is the best bet. How about
Loudon Wainwright: That’s My Daughter


Dylans Forever Young as performed by Joan Baez.

or The Pretenders version.

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