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What is the best way to get rid of bra-bulges?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) May 5th, 2014

Any specific exercises or tips?

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Those are boobs, hon.

Just kidding :-)
Are you talking about around your armpit area and back? You may be wearing the wrong size or style. Did you know that lingerie shop employees are trained in measuring you and helping you find the right fit? No need to be embarrassed, they do it all the time and have seen it all. You don’t have to be completely topless to be measured or anything.

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Wearing a correctly fitted bra is really the only thing that will help.

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That does sound like a bad fitting bra.

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Wear a bra that’s designed to help you in this exact area. You can also combine exercises like Swimming (Breast stroke) or arm and leg lifts with a sensible diet.This could help you to shrink the back fat.

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What the others said about the fit of the bra. Also, you can’t spot treat. If there’s extra fat there, it should go away with weight loss. There are back-toning exercises, of course, but adding muscle won’t help if there’s still a layer of excess fat there. Eating at a reasonable caloric deficit would be a good start.

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Are bra bulges your boobs spilling out of the cups? Or, back and side fat? Boobs spilling out you have on the wrong size bra. Any other bulges and you have to lose weight or wear a smoothing garment. It doesn’t have tobe a squeezing garment, in fact that is often counterproductive.

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