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Is colonoscopy prep one size fits all? Or should it be adjusted?

Asked by Aster (18187points) May 5th, 2014

Everyone who is to be receiving a colonoscopy has a most unpleasant evening beforehand taking a chalk like liquid and plenty of it to be “cleaned out” first. Some take a bazillion pills instead. But why do the 412 pound people take the same amount of goop as the 112 pound people? Is it too much hassle for the manufacturers and doctors to adjust the dose according to the weight of the patient?

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People who are obese generally don’t have larger organs. They have just have more fat around the organs and under the skin.

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The keyword is empty. Like, the colon should be.

I’ve had two colonoscopies – one with the pills and one with the liquid. Both were similarly effective, but the pills were much easier to take—the liquid just tasted horrible.

Look a5t this way, you can’t get emptier than empty.

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@Lightlyseared so you (I’ll change it up a little) think it’s reasonable that a 98 pound person should submit to the exact same prep as a 475 pounder?
I don’t buy it. And I am not having one.

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I’ve had 3 or 4 colonoscopies and each time I went through a different prep. The most recent was the easiest.

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@Aster yes. To be honest diet and medications (for example opioids) taken prior to starting the prep have more effect than how fat you are.

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The average length of the small and large human intestinal tract is around 25 feet. That doesn’t change if the person is 100 or 400 pounds. The cleanser is not designed to be systemic, merely direct. If a plumber has to snake 25 feet of pipe, it is still 25 feet whether it’s in a mansion or a studio apartment.
The resulting unpleasantness is equal for all. Fortunately it is also temporary.

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@canidmajor – a fine analogy.

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Why do you want to look into your bowels? You might try Nature’s Sunshine
Tiao He Chinese herbal Cleanse and skip the AMA crap.

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^^^^^^^ I want to look into my bowels? They are just fine, thanks.

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