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How do I obtain more energy for the day?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1650points) May 6th, 2014

Day starts typically around 0530, wake up. Do PT. Go to work from 0900–1700. Depends on day could be longer or rarely shorter.

Throughout the day its give or take depending on intensity of the PT that morning. Some days I am good to go I feel great. Sometimes I want to hit the gym after work, or do something after work. However, mainly run days I am drained. Just getting into work at 0900 and I feel dead already.

Lately mainly after work I have no desire,no energy. Just tired,sore and ready to sleep. But I have things to do and want to do. I am starting a class end of this month and worried this will be an issue. Among other after work activities.

Please give some ideas! I hate being tired and so lethargic after work. I am just not productive as I feel I can be.

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What time do you go to bed, what is your diet like? Proper diet and sufficient rest are critical to having energy to burn the next day. Are you stressed or depressed?

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Drink some water every so often not just when you are thirsty.

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I get 6–8 hours of sleep. I feel I have a pretty balanced diet. Still needs work.

I drink water. I could probably drink more to be safe. No soda, energy drinks or coffee. If I do get urge for soda I drink Zevia.

Wrote a longer reply, but it disappeared on me…Bah.

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At this point you will need to let us know about your personal life. is there a S/O problem? Are you having emotional/personal issues? These kinds of things can drag you down.

Are you bored with life? Suicidal? You gotta give info or there is no way anyone can help you without just guessing and throwing out all kinds of answers that have nothing to do with your problem.

Do you smoke? (Pot or cigs)? Do you drink alcohol? Could the Stevia in the Zevia be causing this energy loss?

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I have had good luck with Spirulina. It tastes so very horrible. But if you can get past the most horrific burps you can imagine it makes you feel a lot better. You can buy it in pill form and in powdered form. I have used both and powdered is way more effective. I just mix the powder in orange juice and pray. So very horrible tasting.

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Chia seeds guided meditation or amino acids. They rebuild the muscle faster… Sometimes you need some carbs or protein depending on BMI… Also might want to check you d levels you living in ak and all they are probably low.

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Have more protein in the first meal of your day. The energy lasts longer. An egg or something like that. Funny, Dr Oz was talking about something like this earlier this week. I couldn’t find the remote so I picked up that little nugget.

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@Dan_Lyons I am single. No major issues. Some family things going on, but its not too serious.

I don’t feel bored with life. Not suicidal.

Don’t smoke anything. Not much of a drinker. Social drinker at best and that was many agos I had any alcohol.

I don’t know how the Stevia in Zevia would cause energy loss?

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Any other information I can add to help?

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