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What sounds do wolves make when happy?

Asked by Izabella (10points) May 6th, 2014

I would like to know for a story I’m writing.

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Aren’t they renowned for howling?

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This link doesn;t want to work, says,

Whining, females often whine as a gesture of affection, wanting attention.
Face Licking
Social grooming
Howling to locate pack mates
Tactility, lying together, cuddling, huddling.

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They say “wolf”.

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That whimpering and yipping sounds they make when they greet each other looks and sounds pretty much like happy wolf to me. This looks like a GREAT place. Check out the video section, perhaps there are some wolf sounds. I didn’t watch them all.
(I would love to visit this place if I ever get to visit my BBE in his natural habitat. BBE worked here as a volunteer and helped with some of the wolves.)

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The whining and face licking are common. They also make a chuffing sound, kind of a short grunt.

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