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Why does my car smell like crayons?

Asked by melinda (8points) July 12th, 2007

I own a 2001 Jetta TDI and bought it used. It came with the smell.

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I'd suggest cleaning it thoroughly. If theres a crayon melted under the seat or something, you could find your culprit.

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My friend bought a jetta...also used (not sure of the model) and smelling of crayons. It must be something they clean the detail with. Odd.

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This is funny because I have a 2002 Jetta and every time someone gets in my car they always remind me how much it smells like crayons. I live in LA where the sun beats down on my interior almost everyday and the plastic coating on my doors, dash, console, etc. is all pealing off. Any plastic area of the car has suffered the wrath of the sun - This is the how you get a Crayola scented car.

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Well that sounds like an answer to me.

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I have a Jetta and evryone tells me it smells like crayons too.

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I read an article a while back about an all plastic/rubber car... it's mostly impossible due to sublimation which is (simplified ver. applied to this situation) the degradation of plastics/rubber due to rapid changes in temperature (engine/environment)... all that to say I've heard about VWs smelling like crayons in summer and I bet you're smelling the accumulation of the breakdown of plastics/rubber in the car.

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My sister has a 99 beetle, and I have an 03 Jetta both smell like crayons also, haha

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My jetta Smells like crayons but the plastic isn’t the problem, and its not the sun either. The problem is the Cabin Air Filter. The solution is to change the Cabin Air Filter once every 2 or 3 months. It’s about $15 and you can find it at your local auto zone or O’Rilley Auto Parts. People Miss it because it’s hidden and it’s not mentioned in the owners manual! Also, if you’d like your car to smell real good, before you replace it, spray some fabreeze or auto scents on it! The Filter is quite easy to replace (believe it or not). All you need is a phillips head screw driver. Open the hood, on the left side (near the windsheild) there is a black cover with for screws. Unscrew the cover and pull it off. You’ll see the filter. Unlatch the filter from the compartment and take the filter out. Put the new filter in and snap back into place. There you have it, no more Crayola Smell!!! It is almost instant. you might wanna turn the AC on full blast and roll the windows down to air it out a bit. I promise this works! IT worked for mine!

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