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How many times a day do you actually feel meaningless about your own life?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) May 7th, 2014

I mean, it happens with me almost always. What about you?
And, by the way, does it have got anything to do with your age and life-experiences? Are youth placed at the same level as that of the elderly, talking about this realm?

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Probably at least once a day, other times many, many times.

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At your age you are beginning to consider what your next step is and how you, as an individual, can make your mark on the world. I think feeling meaningless is a normal feeling. I feel it at least once a week.
Have you set any 5 or 10 year goals? Do you have a list of possible careers that interest you? Even if you can’t peg down one career (which is normal), you may see common links between your choices and begin your general education in those areas. That way you are creating building blocks toward your future. Your future is certainly not meaningless, and neither are you. You’ll see!

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Well, sometimes…

I’m an extremist. When I’m depressed, it is all like the end of the world to me. But luckily I have an ability to recover fast, especially when I receive the necessary help. So… feeling like that can cme to me, but only temporarily.

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When I was younger I spent a lot more time feeling like my life meant nothing and would amount to nothing. As I have grown older I have found purpose in my marriage, raising children, teaching, etc. I think many people goes through phases, there is no age regulation, they can happen anytime, where they feel life has no meaning and when they wonder what it is really all about.

The truth is none of us can every really know the meaning of life, we just have to find meaning for our life.

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Zero. I have so many people after me and so many thing due, I long to have quiet. That is why I hide here sometimes.

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I never feel meaningless about my life nor have I ever. Whether working a meaningful job or homeless living on the streets, I have never experienced this feeling.
But then I am connected to the universe in a way most people can’t even understand.

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You can feel that your live is meaningless…without meaning… or you can feel worthless, but you cannot feel meaningless in standard Englsh usage.

Feeling that way (I do know what you mean) is unrelated to age and experience, but temperament. Some people are naturally just droopy or melancholy. If that is the case, there are ways of combatting or mitigating those feelings.

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ALWAYS, I must have come to the earth drowned in this existential crisis. It is getting in the way of my daily life but I can’t do anything about it.

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@Dan_Lyons Please DO tell us one of those aspects of being connected to the universe, I really want to understand more about this connection.

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When I get depressed, I get like this. It’s not my normal setting, but sometimes I keep falling in the same hole several times before I can move on.

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Normally when I see my pay-slip at month end.
When my boss takes the credit for all my work and she earns four times more than me.

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It’s hard to feel life is meaningless when you have children and grandchildren. Most people live ordinary lives anyway and we have to be aware of this. I try not to expect too much, feel braced for the worst and go about my life taking pleasure in the occasional hilarious phone calls I receive from friends and family. Like most people, I find joy in the small things. Yesterday was spent with my daughter at her home and Sunday I see my granddaughter confirmed ; she will be reading Biblical scripture in a microphone in front of the congregation. For these things I am very grateful , I find joy in them only to return to my ordinary life to rest and have peace and quiet. But I will never forget my little girl up on the altar. Is that how it’s spelled?
Tomorrow thunderstorms are expected and I am so anxious to see and hear them!
I want to start reading a new book soon.

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Never. Nothing worse than a bad attitude.

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@ZEPHYRA It’s a kind of a Zen thing, I guess. It’s just that ever since I was young I recognized that all things in the universe are connected. How could I ever feel meaningless when I am the same energy that is the sun the flowers the ocean the other people etc…?

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