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Trying to get a copy of a Divorce Decree in Chicago Illinois, or Cook County Illinois?

Asked by JAS08on (18points) May 7th, 2014

Hello, I’m Jason. My niece is trying to get a copy of her mom’s Divorce Decree from Chicago Il, or Cook County Il. She just like to know what website does she needs to look up. Or can she get a copy for free online. My niece is 18 years old and she is just trying to get a copy of her mom’s divorce decree to prove to Medicaid that she is applying for that her father is not her real father. Where does she look? Her mom got a Divorce in 1997 or 1998, one of those years.

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I’m pretty sure she’d have to go there in person but you can Google “Cook County divorce records” or “Cook County marriage and divorce records” and see what the site says.

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