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An ad from 1957 said that Silly Putty was $1.00, the same price as today. What else hasn't changed price in that amount of time?

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Uhm, I don’t have a link for it, but out in the country, there is this really cute deli/candy shop that I’ve gone to. I pass it in the winter if I go skiing. It is still in business. It’s very old. You can buy Tootsie rolls for 1 cent each and that hasn’t changed in who knows how many years.

It’s the only place I know where 1 cent is actually still worth something. Go figure.

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The Vermont Country Store in Weston, Vt. sells penny candies. I don’t know about the quality or size.

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I know we still have 1ยข gumball machines.

I see a HI FI Portable Record Player sold for $79.95 in 1957, considerably more than a portable music player today.

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Maybe they made enough Silly Putty to last a lifetime right out of the gate and it’s been sitting in a warehouse for over 50 years.

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Salt has remained inexpensive.

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