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I am 84 kilos (185 lbs); how many liters am I?

Asked by rebbel (25206points) May 7th, 2014

Or, is there such a thing as the specific weight/unit weight of a human?
If not, would it be possible to calculate it?

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I have no fucking idea but it’s great to see you @rebbel !

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Since the average human density is almost equal to that of water, your volume is almost exactly 84 litres.

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1 kilogram of human flesh equals 1 liter so as @ragingloli said 84 liters. You would fit nicely in a medium sized suitcase.

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@rebbel An incalculable bundle of fun! How lovely to see you.

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Like @ragingloli and @Crazydawg said – 84 liters. You just barely float in water so your density is the same as water: 1 gm/cc or 1kg/liter

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A very good size for a guy from the Netherlands. Great to see you again!

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I float easily in water, so I would figure a liter or two above 84. But women are more buoyant than men, and some races are more buoyant than others, so your results my vary.

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It depends on how much body fat you are carrying. This is exactly how they can calculate your BMI by putting you in a tub of water.

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Are you including the beard in your calculations? (Great to see you again. Stay for tea, please).

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Thank you all for your answers!
The “floating in water” one did it for me; how logical.
Special thank you to the sweet ladies that greeted/welcomed me!

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