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Will our grandkids, great grandkids, etc. stalk our social media someday?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5663points) May 7th, 2014

Interesting thought:

What do you think the odds are that 50 or even 100+ years from now, our descendants will use the remnants of our social media profiles and blogs for genealogy or just to learn more about us?

Could you even imagine if you could tap into something as intimate as your great-great grandmother’s blog?


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Absolutely. I inherited both my grandmothers’ book collections and find it fascinating to read their margin notes. Old letters are another gold mine, but I don’t have many of those, unfortunately. I’m sure the current and future versions of these things, like blogs and other social media, will be equally treasured by (at least some) descendants and will be far more numerous thanks to the easier saveability of digital info.

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No. I think technology will have changed so much that this ephemera will all be lost.

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My kids are all up in MySpace.

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I disagree. Technology will change but it’ll be archived somewhere.

Don’t people still listen to old records and read old books?

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Haha…well, my daughter is 26 and she has no time or interest in stalking my fluther babble. I seriously doubt I will be stalked by her or any unborn ancestors. lol
Besides, she already knows everything about me, my quirky humor, stories of my youth, and she has her baby book as tribute, replete with insane photographic cutouts, like chopping off her dads head and pasting it onto a stuffed bunny she is holding.
I shall just evaporate into cyberland, perhaps amuse someone else, way down the road.

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Not so much. And I think there is so much more data produced now that it will not be kept or accessible.

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I’m sure, if things like Facebook even still exist.

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@SavoirFaire yes, I know that.

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Ask MySpace.

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@Blondesjon You mean My Face ans Space Book? lol
I hate social networking sites, jeez….as if anyone gives a sh—t about your kitchen remodel. OMG…do I choose black granite or sage? Spare me.

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I think so, one can only wonder what they will think when reading our fluther questions and answers or read our facebook, and other social media posts.

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From what I have read many young people have left Facebook because their parents and grandparents have joined. Many went to Twitter or to other sites. Most young people don’t want to be on a social site that has their parents or grandparents there. I am talking about sites where people use their real names, not places like this.

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