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How would you pronounce "schism"?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22225points) May 8th, 2014

I was listening to a radio program on NPR this morning and the speaker talked about “the schism in the Catholic Church”.

He pronounced it “shizm”. (note, he was American, not English)

I’ve always pronounced it “skism” – with a K sound.

What’s correct?

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I’d pronounce it Skis-im

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since my childhood (in Catholic school) I have pronounced it “Ski- zm”.

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I’ve always said Skism, but in looking on google it looks like the audio says “sism”, as if the ch is silent. And looking on, he says sKism. I think it’s pronounced skism.

Crazydawg's avatar audio version allows for both ‘sism’ or ‘skizm’

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Wow. Looks like there is support for both pronunciations.

We may have a schism here…

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@elbanditoroso It looks to me like there is more support for the “Sk” pronunciation.

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I am in the skizm camp. Although if NPR says shizm…..................I may have to reconsider.

My wife and I have the same argument about palatable. She has always said pul-at-a-bul whilst I go with palat-abul.

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There are a great many words I’ve only known as written and never heard spoken, so I’m the last person you should ask for pronunciation of unfamiliar words. But in this case, I’ve always said “SKIZ-um”.

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I like skiz’-um

Or is it ski’-zum?

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Common accepted usage is still SKIZ ‘m. Like schizophrenia..Skit.zo

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Skism. Any other way is incorrect.

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@rojo Merriam Webster says palat-abul, and I have never heard it pronounced any other way.

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I’m with NPR…sounds better too. Or maybe it just sounds more uppity.

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@plethora Central Texas. What can I say.

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Schematic…skee ma tic.

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/‘skɪzəm/ is the only way I’ll pronounce it, even if the other way is “accepted”. Maybe the other pronunciation is more British, analogous to the way they pronounce “schedule”?

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@rojo Way-co or Wack-o?

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Waco is Way-co
and Mexia is Ma-Hey-a
and Palestine is Pal-es-teen.
and Study Butte is Stoodee-Byoot
and Cut-and-Shoot is Kutnshoot (all one word)

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@rojo; I have only heard Palestine pronounced as Pal es tine (rhyming with “line”...never “teen.” i reside in the US.

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@gailcalled I am not sure where you live in the US but wherever it is there is probably not much reason to be discussing Palestine, Texas.

Oh, and Buda is pronounced Byooda and Iraan which is Eye-ra-ann.

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