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How will the "bring our girls back" campaign have any effect?

Asked by filmfann (44460points) May 8th, 2014

276 kidnapped Nigerian girls have been kidnapped, and are being sold into sex slavery. Many Hollywood stars and other noted individuals are posting pictures of themselves holding signs that say things like Real Men Don’t Buy Girls or “Bring Back Our Girls”.
I have no doubt this is a good cause, and the tragedy of what is happening must be addressed, but exactly how will these selfies with signs do anything?
It’s not like the Nigerian kidnappers will be spending their time on Facebook.
What do you think should be done?
Should a military intervention occur?
Can such an intervention be successful?
Will these signs have any influence on the outcome?
Are these signs putting pressure on the politicians more than the kidnappers?
Isn’t the fact that all these girls have been kidnapped and are being sold into sex slavery enough to promote action?

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No effect at all. This whole publicity campaign is designed to make people think that they are doing something.

The kidnapers are ultra-radical muslim extremists-so far off the mark that even Al-Qaeda disavows them. Is there a remote chance that these msulims crazies are going to respond to a bunch of banners and people shouting in the streets? Not a chance

Military intervention? By whom? The US won’t even send the military to Ukraine, where we have some sort of geopolitical interest. To Nigeria? No way.

These girls are gone.

Maybe if Nigeria had a legitimate and functional government, things would be different.

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I agree that the action is good, but unless it can stir a semi-international public outcry, I highly doubt it will works.

Military intervention? For some girls? Sounds a bit too much…

These girls are in Africa? Hell, I doubt the gorverment there will take any step. They are already too many problems there (like wars). They could care less for some little girls…

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The UN should establish a cadre of international SWAT teams that nations around the world can request to solve situations like this.
They of course would only operate upon request by the government of the nation they will operate in, and the range of missions they can be requested for would have to be tightly controlled and limited.
But of course, nothing of the sort is going to happen, let alone any sort of military intervention.
They are worthless children of a third world country, and beyond public statements of “outrage”, no government on the planet actually gives a shit about them.

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Girls all over the world are exploited all around the clock. This is like the #StopKony, a silly expression of the white messiah complex, showing an inordinate interest in a small but shocking event at the expense of millions of other suffering people. Say we send the military in to save them. After the girls are saved, the matter would be dropped and no long-term solution to prevent it from happening again will be implemented.

The sensationalism around this has already done endless damage, sending the message to this group and others that the way to get attention is to commit an over-the-top kidnapping.

I’m not saying nothing should be done (I’m not really sure what), but I can say this with a lot of considence: however it ends, the results will be tragic.

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These girls were taken by Islamic extremists who use their faith as justification for the act.
Every Muslim/Islamic cleric and believer needs to condemn the act as despicable and a sign of weakness and desperation. They need to send the message that the perpetrators are so disliked they cannot find a female willing to mate with them so they resort to kidnapping.

Clerics need to describe this act as an insult to the Islamic faith. Until the world hears that we can only assume that behavior is consistent with Islamic teaching.

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The “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” phrase won’t work.
It needs to insult the slime who do/did this. For example:

Worthless men need to buy girls.
Guys who can’t get find willing women buy girls.
It take s a army of dickless wonders with AK-47s to overtake a group of school girls.
Kidnap a girl. Make Allah proud.

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@LuckyGuy I don’t have a link but I read that apparently even Al Qaeda has distanced themselves from this group as too extremist. We don’t really know what is going on in the Muslim world in reaction to it, do we?

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@janbb I’d think there would be an immediate loud outcry. The word would get out quickly if it was there.
I do not see Islamic followers in the US marching in the street condemning this.
There is a Mosque not too far from here. Why aren’t the attendees protesting?

We’ve all seen the video of the whack job saying “I kidnapped your girls. Allah Akbar”. Until there is a huge negative response from Clerics we can only assume this behavior is consistent with their belief system.
Actions speak louder than words.

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Why are not christians protesting the anti gay laws in Uganda?
Why are they not protesting the rampant child rape by christian priests?
Why are they not protesting the anti gay laws in Russia?

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@LuckyGuy I don’t want to derail the thread but I don’t feel personally responsible as a Jew for every crazy right wing terrorist act that Jews do.

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There are important differences between this one and Kony. The Kony 2012 thing was started by Americans, not Ugandans. The “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign was started by Nigerians. Many in Uganda felt that Kony was not even much of a threat anymore and that the campaign was extremely misguided and had all the wrong information. I don’t think there is much to be “misguided” about in this campaign—this one is affecting Nigerians right now and they all recognize the problem. Is “liking” it on Facebook going to change anything? Of course not; and pointing that out is nothing novel.

I really think this is something the Nigerians have to handle themselves but their inept government is going to make it difficult. Boko Haram has been acting out for years now and they haven’t really been able to stop them…

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@janbb Don’t worry. I get it. I am merely using this as an approach to apply pressure.
The nut jobs should know that their behavior is not acceptable and will be prosecuted. They need clerics to say “Allah does not think it is great.”

@ragingloli I agree.

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If anything good comes of it, it will be that people who weren’t paying attention to the growing and increasingly dangerous Islamist movement will start to get the idea that there might be a problem. @janbb Al-Qaeda is not going to distance itself from anybody as being too extreme. It’s just that while Al-Queda’s working definition of taqfir may allow killing of anybody, even Muslims, if it benefits the Islamist goal, taqfir does not discuss kidnapping and selling into slavery.

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