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What is the best way to follow up on this job interview?

Asked by FlyingWolf (2815points) May 8th, 2014

I am looking for teaching positions for the fall – so districts have plenty of time to full their open positions. About two and a half months ago I had an interview with the largest school district in the area. The interview went well and I was told I would get a call soon to visit school buildings and interview with principals for a placement. I didn’t hear back for about three weeks, when the gentleman I interviewed with called to say that he is still planning to send me to buildings and the interviews should be scheduled within the next two weeks. It has now been three and a half weeks and still no word. I had an interview with another district yesterday (not my first choice), they said they will be making a decision within the week, and I think I have a decent shot.

I want to follow up with the interviewer at the first district prior to accepting any offers but I am not sure how or exactly what to say. Would it be more appropriate to call or send an email? Should I say I am considering another position? Do I just come right out and ask if I am still in the running?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Just follow up, better by phone. At worst, you don’t hurt your prospects at all, at best you lubricate the process by showing interest. They might even prioritize people who show that kind of interest. Say you are still excited about the position and wanted to know if there has been any news.

And this is why you call by phone: you can hear cues in their voice. If they sound hesitant, you might know you have a problem.

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Follow up by phone.

Also, next time, after an interview, send a hand-written thank you note in the mail. Employers love that and it will remind them of your professionalism.

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I agree with the approach to call them and asking for status, reiterating your interest, etc. .

At some point will need to consider letting them know you’ve been interviewing at other districts, especially if you have another offer. If they truly are interested in you (as opposed to stringing you along) they will strongly consider making the move sooner than later.

I see often that companies today are stringing some candidates along as fallbacks in case they lose their favored candidate, you need to figure out if you are on the short list and if so, where you are on it. You just have to figure out how to have that conversation and to word it appropriately. Good luck!

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The fella who interviewed you and promised the tour—? I have nothing to recommend, but I would like to comment that such treatment is unprofessional and shoddy. Now it may very well be that the man and his district are under siege, understaffed, underfunded, etc. Whatever the reason, I believe you are entitled to an explanation and apology.

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I would wait until you have a solid offer from the short-term answer employer, then call and tell the other interviewer that you have an offer, and if he is interested, he should go ahead and set something up right away.

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Don’t follow @marinelife‘s advice without trying to sound gracious about it. Approach it from the standpoint that you want to know if you still have a chance because you are more interested in his position, but need to give an answer to this other offer soon.

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