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Emigrate to America for an German , financially ?

Asked by foreign_Shady (12points) May 8th, 2014

Hello Community , the question is for detroit people :)

first i want to apologize for my englisch. The reason is that i´m an Albanian – German and i live in Germany :) . But and that´s my question , How finanicially is it in the USA in cities like Brooklyn , Detroit… ( i want to live in Detroit when it´s possibly . Because i mean the city detroit is not like i dont know L.A etc. i mean it´s not so expensive to live there that means i must not pay too much for rent and so and maybe i dont need there 3 jobs at one time like i heard . also i dont have any roblems to live in a more not so rich area or city i even like it : Ghettos… :) and i think that there wouldn´t be problems to emigrate to america because not closely related but related living there.

thank you for all answers .

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Don’t go to Detroit.

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please not answers like this

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It’s hard to find work in places like Detroit. Honestly, its best to find a medium-smallsize city near larger cities with room for economic growth where employment can be found.

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Guten tag,

Detroit is taking a big hit economically and finding good work will be a greater challenge there than other cities in the US. Others may say that Detroit is a rough city to live in. That is true in parts but I think Detroit is still a city that offers a lot to it citizens. I know people that live and work there and I never hear them bitch about life there. They are happy there.

I might suggest contact German-American Associations and ask them about emigrating to their city.

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I would urge New York over Detroit, at least to begin transitioning here. I don’t mean to knock Detroit, but it basically has no economy. There is a fairly robust German professional presence in New York, largely in finance. If you avoid Manhattan and some very expensive parts of Brooklyn, New York is probably not that much more expensive than the rest of the USA. Apartments are more expensive, but that’s more than made up for with significantly more affordable transportation.

Foreigners tend to adapt well to New York because there are lots of foreign communities, so you will have a support network. (I actually happen to live in an NYC neighborhood with both German and Albanian presences, albeit the former is small and the latter minuscule.)

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okay first thank you Crazydawg and bolwerk for your answers i´ll think about it and i´ll think about it for New York :) maybe i will go to new york since you have now told me things I did not know , thank you for that like i said I’ll think about it and make a decision , maybe i will write something other

thank you again that was a help because other sites didn´t had give so good answers ( hope you understand me :) ) thanks

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