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Did you know that you can now pay for your item ordered online after delivery?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5512points) May 8th, 2014

Here’s how it works:

• Order your item, select Pay After Delivery during checkout, and we’ll pay the seller on your behalf.
• We’ll send you a reminder, before we deduct the money from your bank account 14 days after purchase.
• Eligible purchases are covered under PayPal Purchase Protection.

(I know this looks like spam, but it is just a heads up to Fluther Jellies worldwide)

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I really miss that paypal feature where they issued a unique credit card number for each transaction.

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They must have been listening to the same NPR story I was earlier this week, which mentioned that AliBaba already does this. I got the same e-mail, but frankly I’d rather pay upfront, so I don’t lose track of my balance. I haven’t been burned yet!

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@Smashley I agree. If I can’t pay for something now, I am not buying it.

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Just today I discovered that someone had compromised my visa debit card. Two ten dollar charges to zappos and one $79 charge to McAffe. Ugh! And I probably won’t get to the mailbox where my replacement card is being sent for a month!

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That’s terrible @Judi I hope you get those charges removed from your debt.

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