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How do I remove stubborn glass plate smudges?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) May 9th, 2014

These smudges become visible after I take them out the dishwasher. A friend said they could be glass scratches from friction since the plates are put on top of one another in a drawer and they share the same smudge pattern. Yet they look more to me like stains. Thanks jellies for your help-!

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Are they smudges or scratches. Depending on the detergent you use, the chemicals may actually eat away some of the glass surface.

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Try placing one plate in the sink, adding a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, and stacking another plate on top (replacing the air between the plates with vinegar). Let sit for a couple hours, then hand wash and let dry. If the smudges are gone from the side of the plate that contacted the vinegar, they are water/detergent stains and can be removed by following that procedure with all your plates.

You can try the same thing with a product such as CLR.

Another thing to try is put a plate in a basin slightly larger than the plate itself. Barely cover with very warm water and add 3–5 denture cleaner tablets. When the foaming has completely stopped (or overnight), wash and let dry.

Finally, I have had water spots from a dishwasher that were only removed by repeated hand washing. I bought a set of crystal glasses for re-sale and I was very disappointed when I couldn’t get the water spots off. They were so nice I decided to use them for every-day. After a week or two, (I didn’t own a dishwasher) I noticed they were spot-free.

If none of these methods work, your plates are almost certainly permanently damaged. I’d suggest buying new plates and either not storing them in a drawer, or keeping something between them, such as a coffee filter or paper plate (both of which can be reused time after time).

Good luck!

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Only in Fluther….only in Fluther. Thanks so much for the great answers jellies-! :)

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