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Cps and baby help!

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (933points) May 9th, 2014

My friend’s infant was recently injured pretty badly and no one knows how it happened. I believe my friend when she says she had nothing to do with it nor the father. No one who handled the baby during this time would ever hurt the baby.

Being the caring parents they are, they took the baby straight to the hospital and the hospital contacted CPS and the local cops. The parents are being interviewed and questioned like it’s going out of style and the baby is being put through the ringer with tests to see if there’s any physical signs of abuse and they’re not finding anything else.

The hospital they’re staying at treats them like criminals; withholding information about the test results and everyone is being very rude. I guess one doctor stated and I quote “If no one can come up with an answer, the baby will be taken away.” So basically they are being bullied and intimidated until someone wants to make up something just to get this over with. It comes down to the fact that they have proven they’re innocent and the baby clearly hasn’t been abused. The hospital is so busy interrogating the parents, no one is telling them how to heal and get the baby better.

What will happen? What should they do? Is the hospital treating them unfairly? ANY input would be very helpful. If it’s Abby consultation they live in Michigan.

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