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What kind of hairstyle would look best on a guy that has an extremely round face?

Asked by rockfan (6960points) May 10th, 2014

Usually, I just comb my bangs to the right and that’s about it, but I don’t think it looks very flattering, considering my face shape. Do you think a David Beckham style (combination of a pompadour and a faux hawk) would look good on a round face?

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Do you have a defined jaw?

I just googled round face guy and looked at the pics. I like Gerard Butler’s hairstyle. I generally don’t like Leonardo Decaprio’s hairstyles.

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No, it’s not defined

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Mine, either. I’d love to have a strong jaw. Oh, well.

What are your thoughts on Gerard Butler’s hairstyle?

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A little to messy

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I think it’s hard to say without knowing what the person looks like. I suggest trying a few styles and seeing what you like. Also, what goes with your lifestyle. Do you want a longer, tousled look (kind of messy looking)? Or a shorter, more conservative style (maybe something with a little gel in it on top)?

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Have you tried shaving it all off and going with the bald look? Or getting it permed and going with the curly look?

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Perms are very 1980’s.

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I’m not the most photogenic person lol

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I think going with the bald look would make my face seem more round

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@rockfan That’s a great picture my friend. What’s wrong with the haircut you sport in the picture? Your face is not extremely round. You could wear any hair style.

Instead of worrying about your hairdo, perhaps what you need to do is work on your self esteem.

Now say after me, “I am the handsomest man in the world.”

Repeat as necessary.

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I’ve had the same style for ages, so a new change will be interesting. But I agree, I need to work on my self-esteem, and I thought changing my appearance was going to help it. I’ve realized that smiling more often is alot more important than a hair style

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damn you, Facebook!!! Foiled again. I would have loved to see a pic of you, but I refuse to fall prey to that site.

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You’re photogenic, and a good-looking guy. I like the haircut in the pic… Reminds me of Gerard Butler’s ;-p
Don’t shave your head.

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You look good, and your face is not especially round at all. Calm down, my friend!

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What face shape do you think I have?

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Square? Probably. It’s not round, I’m guessing you are jumping to that conclusion because you have some fullness in your cheeks, but your overall face shape is pretty square. I think you can wear just about any hairstyle without any issue, your face is well proportioned.

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@rockfan. You can’t fool us. You’re just jonesing for compliments because 1) your face is not round (and particularly not extremely round), 2) your haircut is flattering and 3) you’re a nice-looking guy,

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I’m not fooling you guys, I thought my face was considered round. And I’m genuinely surprised that people have complimented me.

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I think what you are currently sporting is a good look. I might go with a #4 on the hair and grow out the face hair a bit. The spotty facial hair is a bit of a mess.

You aren’t a ugly dude.

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