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Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) May 10th, 2014 from iPhone

As asked. Explain why.

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loose them all. not being able to make new ones would SUCK

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No. There are bad memories which I don’t want to keep, but accepting to lose all my memories will mean accepting to lose my good memories too. And I don’t want that.

So, I prefer keeping all my memories, bury the bad time and treasure the good time.

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I’ll keep the old ones, thank you. If I can’t make new ones I am either dead, in a coma or have some debilitating disease so at that point making new memories would be moot.

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Keep my old ones. I have no idea of course what the rest of my life has in store for me.
But in my 46 years, I have packed in a LOT of good memories. I had severe trauma in my early years, but luckily my memory has kept most of that in a vault for me.

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There are a few memories I would hate to lose… My rottie, Asha, was a solid companion for 8 years. My first niece being born and growing up (the first has a special place in my heart).
But I’m going with @ARE_you_kidding_me. I’d rather make new ones. It’s a clean slate and an opportunity to create anything you want. I’m too young not to make more memories. I have a lot left to do, and I don’t have any friendships from high school I keep up with, only a handful from college.

I would need to retain my memories as it pertained to education, though. To start over learning everything would be devastating.

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Oh fuck, this question kills me. I have a very intense fear of losing control of my memories, so this hits close to home.

I would give up my past memories. It’s only ~24 years worth of life. I hope that I have a good long life ahead of me that will be well over double what I have already experienced. On with the good ones. My family and significant other can fill me in on most of what I have forgotten.

Although remembering my passwords would suck. Maybe I should make a document..

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@GloPro I’m in agreement 100% here. Hopefully the best days of my life are yet to come.

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Perhaps my mother having Alzheimer’s also affects my need to want to keep my old memories.

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I’d keep the old ones. Wait…I have them all written down! :D So I choose B. I’d just read pages and pages of my old memories and then they’d be in my memory!

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I guess I’ll keep the old ones. If I can’t make any new ones, then that means I’m not living or experiencing anything. Which would suck. Well erm…this is confusing. Lol. If I keep the old ones but can’t make new ones, does that mean I just spend the rest of my life sitting there, remembering stuff?

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@Symbeline well, you’d remember all of your old friends and family. You’d sit around and retell the same stories over and over, not remembering you’d told it a million times before, until everybody was sick of you!

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Oh, good enough. Pretty much what my life is like, anyway. XD

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@GloPro So….pretty much like dementia in the earlier stages

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@anniereborn I was kinda thinking that, too.

Maybe each person that picked past memories should pair off with future memories and they could tell each other stories!

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Never be able to make new ones, I want to hold on to the old.

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At this point in the game of life, I’d opt for keeping my old memories, some really great moments, and my future is not looking too bright right now.

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Losing all my old memories would be like losing my kids.

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Lose my old memories. You wouldn’t be bothered by what you’ve forgotten in my opinion, and your old or current memories would soon become stagnant without new ones and experiences. There could be a downside though if you were actually aware that you would lose your memory though, so in order for this to be a plausible option for me I could never be aware of my actual scenario. This is a tough question for me though because I can think of downsides to both options.

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I would be bothered. I’d meet these grown adults who would tell me they are my kids and I’d know I have no memory of them and that would suck.

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