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When was the last time you lost your temper? Why?

Asked by GloPro (8306points) May 10th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m not talking about piddley spats on Fluther. I’m talking about losing your cool. Really getting upset.

What does it look like when you lose your temper? How long does it last? How do you collect yourself?

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A few days ago when I heard yet another gouging price from my builder. I was angry, yelled at my husband and burst into tears. The pressure has become too much.

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I’m finding it hard to remember… and that is a good thing, since it was once a regular occurrence.

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Sometimes I get irritated. But I can’t think of any particular time when I really lost my temper. Most of the time my feeling can only be classified as “angry”, not “losing my temper”.

I’m pretty mellow. I can be angry, but not for long.

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I lost my temper on September 10th, 2013. I said some very angry words and let go of a friendship. I don’t miss the relationship but am sad for being betrayed.

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A few weeks ago with my roommates. They were assholes. I deal with hundreds of people just like them at my summer job, and I just couldn’t stand living with one of them. No way was I going to deal with people like that in the summer and in the off season.

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I can’t remember.. Really! It has to be years, years ago. I remember getting mad at my kids 20+ years ago. I yelled at them. (I still feel bad about it.)

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@JLeslie I’m sorry to hear that you are under pressure. Hope you will overcome it soon…

@GloPro I hope you have made a right decision to part with an unsuitable friend. Sometimes it’s better to just let go off friendship.

@LuckyGuy Do your children still remember it? They probably don’t. And you shouldn’t really feel bad if it was to keep them in line…

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It was so long ago that I can’t even remember. I just don’t get so riled up too easily. It probably has to do with my connection with god. She always has my back, so I really don’t need to express anger at someone trying to antagonize me.

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In 1995. I threw an ashtray against a plaster wall; (I can still see the dent). . Why? Being incoherent and tongue-tied with my now ex-, who was (then) a much better debator than I.

I no longer ever feel that way.

Now, if I have an issue with a family member, friend or professional, I treat it as something I, as an adult, can deal with calmly. If it reqquires a short cooling-off period, I recognize that.

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edit; requires

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I don’t lose my temper at all any more…ever. But I do get boiling inside upset over things especially lazy stupid moves. I came home to a nice brown patch on my front lawn with a huge streak of oil and knew right away my son was repairing something on that part of my lawn. I mean I bring home huge sheets of cardboard just so he can work on his cars and lawnmowers and not get oil everywhere. I confronted him calmly and pointedly in an attempt to teach my teenager how to approach huge disappointments.

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^^ What was his response? Do you think he’ll remember next time?

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Yesterday, things go flying. Plate was smashed in kitchen sink.

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The last time I lost my temper I was, stupidly, angry at a dog. Really angry. He had very nearly pulled me into the street, and in that second of shock, I managed to forget I was dealing with a dog. I didn’t hurt him, but I did yell, which scared him. I still feel bad about it, but we made up afterwards.

I don’t lose my temper very often. When I do, I don’t feel the need to destroy things. I rarely even yell, really. Mostly, I simply say things I don’t mean. I sometimes regret that afterwards.

It doesn’t take long for me to calm down, but it does take an active effort. I can’t explain how I do it. I simply decide I’d like to feel differently, and then make it happen. A sip of water often helps, as well as smiling or taking a breath.

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I rarely lose my temper, but I did last night when some jerk cut me off, then cussed me out. I never lose my temper like this but I Damon near got out of the car to punch him out.

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When I yelled at an annoying friend a few years ago that was pressuring me to engage in some stupid debate and saying to me ” C’mon L. I KNOW you are smart enough to get this!” He came over the next day and I yelled at him in my garage to “Get the F—k out of here F.!” I then proceeded to tell him I didn’t need a personal guru to coach me and that his ego was the size of freaking Texas. lol

He humbly apologized a few days later. Weenie.
The most recent, when I pounded a wooden garden stake into my hand last summer with a mini-sledge hammer.
Pain makes me very angry, and I screamed GODDAMNIT! loud enough to be heard all over the neighborhood. haha That so sucked, I was seriously wounded.

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The last time was one night in 2006 when I lost my temper with my now ex wife. I got out of bed and began shouting at her putting my face up close to hers. I then stormed off to the spare bedroom. In the morning she brought me a cup of tea laced with tranquillisers and later she insisted I go to counselling over my anger issues. I never did and I got divorced instead.

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@flutherother Hahaha…tea laced with tranquilizers?

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She told me what she had done after I had taken a sip or two and I didn’t drink any more. I didn’t need tranquilised I had just had a nice long peaceful sleep.

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I would have called the cops for being drugged against my will. That’s ludicrous. You have every right to be angry with that.
She clearly has no respect for you. Who drugs someone?!?

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I don’t lose my temper. I’d rather smart off and then get silent.

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@Aster Me, too! I just did that today! I get so irritated sometimes, but not actually angry.

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@GloPro I agree, I almost said that too, but I had to laugh at the shock factor.

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@gailcalled He was very apologetic and even offered to reseed the brown spot. I am confident he will not repeat the same mistake

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That sounds good.

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